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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Tawau : Seven members of the Family Life Ministry of Holy Trinity Church and a religious of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception responded to the invitation by the community of the Holy Family of Nazareth Luasong to conduct a faith formation session on 23rd April 2016. The team, led by Mario Dominggo, the Chairman of the Ministry set out at 8.00 am and arrived their destination at around 10.00 am.
This is the second visit by the team.  Their first visit was some 5 years ago where they conducted a talk on Marriage Enrichment to some 30 couples.
This year around and in conjunction with the 4th Sabah Youth Day, the community took the opportunity to prepare themselves to receive the SYD 4 Youth Cross with spiritual formation for the elders and youth of their area. This would prepare them spiritually for the arrival of the Youth Cross on 24th April 2016.
The team presented 3 main topics:
  • The Cross and Me by Julita Kantod
  • Year of Mercy–an opportunity to be merciful by Sister Liza Augustine fsic
  • Family Relationship by Jocelyn Angar
The session began at 10.30 am where some 50 parishioners including parents, couples, youth and children attended the informative talks.
In her sharing on the Cross and Me, Julita explained about the beautiful meaning of the Cross through her own personal encounter. "All of us must learn to recognize Christ in our own Cross for it helps us to strengthen our faith, build a close relationship with Christ and most of all, learn to accept faithfully and calmly on any trial that comes in our life. So bear your cross, love it and hold on to it," she said.
Touching on the Year of Mercy,  Sr. Liza fsic shared that the Year of Mercy is indeed an opportunity for all not merely to experience God's mercy but also learn to be a merciful servant of God. She said, "This extra-ordinary year calls upon each one of us to reflect more deeply on God’s mercy so that we may be merciful like the Father. We need to uphold mercy in words and deeds to one another within our family, our community or people around us. Many need our company, to listen to them or to comfort them. Let us share and show God’s love and mercy to those who are in need."
Jocelyn presented the last topic on family relationship. She said, "We must acknowledge the presence of all our family members. None of them should be isolated inclusive of those in the extended family. The sense of belonging of family members is an important element that we may live in communion. We learn to understand and care for one another. Such relationship bond will protect and enrich our faith."

The session had in a way made the community aware of 'Carrying one's own Cross,' 'Be merciful just as your Father is merciful,' (Luke 6 : 36) and 'Building Family Relationship.'
Joipit Mosuli, a teacher and the coordinator of the event expressed her gratitude and thanks for the positive response from the team though the invitation was given within a short notice. She said, "It is a very motivating, nourishing and enriching session. I believe that all of us will be able to live up 'to carrying the Cross and relate it to the environment of our family and community."
The program of the day ended at 12.30 in the afternoon followed with a photo session and a luncheon fellowship.

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