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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Stephanie Tai of St Mary's Cathedral Shared Her Journey of Faith ~ 'My life changed for the better'

Compiled by Suzanna Hon
I am Stephanie Tai. Before joining the RCIA process, I do not fully understand what it means to be a Christian.

There was something missing in my life. I tried to fill the gap with lots of other things and entertainments . Still I felt the emptiness in my heart.

So I started going to church with my boyfriend and his family. Though I was not baptized then and I do not know God well, but I pray to Him every day to guide and lead me to Him. I felt that God did notice me. I felt God knows the emptiness in me through my struggle to get close to him. He gave me chances to step forward to get close to Him by leading me to join the RCIA process
I was welcomed warmly by the facilitators and the group when I first joined them. There are only six of us in the RCIA. We enjoyed our sharing on how God has a part in our life. My zeal of wanting to know Christ remain strong.

I noticed that in the first few months after joining the RCIA, my life changed for the better. I felt that the Holy Spirit is working in me had strengthened me greatly. He has guided me to become a better and more of a forgiving person. I'm not changed a 100% but I'm trying to improve myself slowly every day.

I felt closer to the Lord as I learnt a lot from the teaching and the guidance from the facilitators. For this I am really glad and happy that I had joined the RCIA. I am thankful to the Lord for giving me the opportunity to change my attitude and action. I am filled with joy and peace as I prepare myself for baptism during the Easter Vigil. With baptism, I will be privileged to claim myself as a child of God and can rejoice with my other brothers and sisters in Christ. 

May the RCIA process help and guide the future participants in the manner that has changed me in my life both socially and spiritually. 

Thank you Lord! God bless us all.

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