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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Testimonial by Ericsson of St Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan

Compiled by Suzanna Hon

I am Ericsson. 
Before joining the RCIA process, I do not even understand what Christianity is all about. I have heard of Jesus Christ but never really know who He is. 
After these months in the RCIA process, I learnt a lot especially about Christianity and the way to live as a good Christian. I also learnt how to pray in the right way, to forgive others and to love our neighbors. 
The sessions were interesting because I could ask anything that came to my mind to clear my doubts. I began to understand more about the meaning of Sacraments especially after I joined the Holy Mass. 
The RCIA process has given me a good knowledge about the Catholic faith. I take this opportunity to thank all the facilitators who have been very patient, kind, helpful and willing to share their knowledge and experiences with us.  From their sharing and experiences, I  learnt the meaning of living  a good Christian life. 
I now  realized  that God is always with us in whatever situation, especially when I'm in trouble and all I need is to seek help from Him.
Whether my prayers are answered or not, I know that God is always there for me to see how strong I may go through my life that are full of challenges and problems.  I also understand that challenges and problems can strengthen and deepen my faith and spiritual life. 
I feel happy, calm and at peace after praying and surrendering all my problems to Him. The RCIA process has guided me to be a good Roman Catholic and to grow closer to Jesus Christ and His words in the Bible.
Praise The Lord!

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