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Monday, March 30, 2015

Marian 2nd Chance Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Article by Seah Patrick 
Photos by Helen John

The dedicated volunteers of Marian 2nd Chance
Sandakan : It is by the Grace of God, that the Marian 2nd Chance is able to advance to its 3rd Anniversary Celebration today, Sunday 28th March 2015.
The annual sales of Marian 2nd Chance from 31st March 2014 to 31st March 2015 amounted to RM 12,817.00. (RM Twelve Thousand Eight Hundred Seventeen Only)
The Marian 2nd Chance had to close for business for a month in September 2014 due renovation work to its new premise.  Business at its new premise commenced in October 2014. The month of February 2015, saw a record sales of RM2,426.00. The shop is open on every Sunday for a 4-hour business transaction (0830am-12.30pm)
The business is of ZERO cost with parishioners contributing used items to the shop. The shop is managed by volunteers and all revenue derived from the sales is channeled to the parish coffer.
The Marian 2nd Chance wishes to acknowledge and extend its appreciation to kind Samaritans for the following contributions making the new premise a conducive and friendly stop over after mass; Elba 2.5 hp air-con, iron-tray tables, display hooks and stands, glass panels and wooden cupboards, mannequins, LED blue light and photocell sensor (to shine on the Statue of Mother Mary at night), circular display hook-stand and small round table, ceiling boards, floor tiles and hanger stands. The Committee is grateful to faithful parishioners who continuously contribute assorted items and others who keep patronizing the shop Sunday after Sunday.
This season of Lent saw many parishioners patronizing the Marian 2nd Chance, readily spending and buying in support of their parish. Many have benefited in acquiring their 'treasures' found at the Marian 2nd Chance. Many have also stepped forth to contribute to the shop, making Lent a moment of giving.
Rev. Fr. Thomas Makajil, the rector of St Mary's Cathedral expressed his appreciation to the Committee, all kind donors and parishioners who patronize the Marian 2nd Chance. The collaboration of all parties involved is a clear sign of unity that prevails  in the parish. He hoped that the Marian 2nd Chance is here to stay as an integral part of the parish. 
The volunteers with Patrick Seah, (2nd right)
Fr. Thomas wishes to thank volunteers, Honeyla Johnny and Ruth Richard, who have left the service for their hometowns in Kota Kimabalu and Tambunan respectively. Currently the Marian 2nd Chance is manned by eight volunteers; Seah Patrick, Catherine Edwards, Alice Chew, Sylvia Yulus, James Lee, Allison Hendrikus, Sylvia Lidus and Vanessa Pinso
Wishing all a 'Blessed and Happy Easter.' 

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