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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Its Graduation Day ~ They Made It

By Julita, SOCCOM Tawau

Tawau : The school for children of migrant workers, established some 1 ½ years ago at Holy Trinity Church has an enrollment of 243 students with 8 teaching staff. The collaboration between the partners, the Church, the Indonesian Consulate, the parents and staff has bore fruits. 16 students from the first intake of 2011 passed the Ujian Nasional Paket A equivalent to our local UPSR. They received their certificates during the Graduation Day held on Saturday 16th March 2013  at the Church Basement.Hall.
L-R : Mr Mario, Bapa Muhammad Soleh, Bapa Hendro and Mr Gabriel Nunang
The 2 1/2-hour event from 9.00 am to 11.30 am began with the singing of the Indonesian National Anthem, Indonesia Raya by all students followed by some presentations from the various classes. In attendance were the Indonesian Consulate Bapa  Muhammad Soleh and his assistant Bapa Hendro Widoratno,  Mr. Mario Domingo, Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council, Mr.Gabriel Nunang representative of the Migrant School Board of Governors and parents.
The PPC chairman, Mr Mario touched on the importance of education as the key to success. 'All of us must respect and value the high hopes of our parents for sending us to school. Grasp this opportunity to continue your study and be a good person and citizen wherever you live or stay, be it in your country or the place that you chose to settle down.' he said.
Bapa Muhammad Soleh thanked the rector of  Holy Trinity Church for allowing and providing the facility for them to run the school. Another message from the Indonesian Consulate to all present, 'with good education you can equip yourselves from being influenced by the negative impact of the surroundings. A well educated person will at least have good resilience and more open to accept others, their cultures and faith. With all these we can live in peace and harmony within the community.' he said.
Recipients of the Best Student Award with their parents posing
with Bapa Muhammad Soleh and Mr Francis Kamuntah
The 16 students of the first intake in 2011 achieved a 100% pass with 3 of them receiving the 'Best Student Award.' Another 32 students of the second intake of 2012 are awaiting their certificates of achievement from Indonesia.
Mr Francis Kamuntah the Head of the Migrant School explained that the Migrant School of Holy Trinity Tawau is a stepping point for those underprivileged children to get good grounding before going a step further to 'Sekolah Menengah Pertengahan' (SMP) in their country of origin or in such school in Sabah that may be established by the Consulate in the future.  
Gabriel Nunang, the Indonesian Pastoral Community Chairman and representative of the School Board expressed his appreciation to the Parish for all the support, concern and cooperation renderedThe event ended with  refreshmen and dismissed at 11.30 am.

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