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Friday, March 15, 2013


By Mario Domingo
Tawau: Surprisingly, last Sunday 10th March, Holy Trinity Church was bustling with activities from 2 pm through 5 pm. In any ordinary Sundays we would expect the Sunday School and RCIA/RCIC to be conducting classes from 8 am till noon. Thereafter hardly anyone would be around the Church except for one or two groups having meeting and the Catholic Women Apostolate cleaning the canteen after their Sunday sales. But that particular day, perhaps coincidentally the various communities, groups and apostolate decided to spend their Sunday afternoon during this Lenten season doing charity, one of the greatest virtues of the Church. 
The Neo-Cat concluded their 3 day convivence around 3 pm at the Retreat House. The Chinese Pastoral Committee were having their Year of Faith Recollection at the Church Basement hall with some 35 members in attendance.
The Filipino Pastoral Committee organized a talk on documentations with the representative from the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Around 150 Filipinos attended the session at the Parish Basement Hall.
Members of the Parish Youth Apostolate were having the Monthly Youth Gathering (YMG) and ‘Gotong Royong’ - cleaning the whole Church compound, while members of the CCR prayer group were cleaning the Upper Room.
Members of the Kadazan-Dusun-Murut (TUKAD) Pastoral Committee were at the Grotto doing the cleaning. Members of the Legion of Mary were at the Annex room having prayer meeting.
Members of the SOCCOM were having their meeting at the Conference Room. Mario, the PPC Chairman was taking pictures of the events, while Fr David, the Assistant Rector had just finished his daily exercise. Later in the evening, Msgr Nicholas, the Rector was seen jogging as usual doing at least 10 laps around the Church compound, while the altar servers played Street Soccer after cleaning the Sacristy.
What a wonderful afternoon , dedicating the day to the Lord.

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