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Sunday, June 15, 2014


by Julita Kantod
Tawau : The Family Life Ministry of Holy Trinity Tawau never ceases to impart on the family with regards to the wonders and values of family life. 
On this concern, a series of talk focusing on family life were conducted in three consecutive sundays by the Parish Family Life Ministry members on 18th May, 25th May and the just concluded session on 8th June 2014.
Parents today are confronted with huge challenges, social and economy so much so they seem to lose focus on the understanding of family life. They forget the first call of their marriage which is to continue the flow of God's love within their family and the people surrounding them. The main purpose of this activity is to provide a platform for parents to realize the importance of family life. It gave them the opportunity to value and discern on their responsibilities towards their family, church and the community.
First session on 18th May – Church's Teaching on the Family by Julita
The original plan of God's creation of human being is to share the beautiful gift of the family and its obligation towards the church. The main input given touched on the task of the family entrusted by God as the basic unit of the community to proclaim the Good News.
Second session on 25th May – the global impact on family by Mario
Mario, Chairman of the Holy Trinity Parish Family Life Ministry presented the session on the global impact on family. The wide impact of globalization has triggered the custom, tradition and the social life of the family. Many families are not aware of its negative impacts on their family life.
Relationship in the family far influenced by the modern and the accessibility of technology especially on the media network. Such  network, a “ hidden” tool displayed by irresponsible people is to cultivate the mind of racism, hatred, anger, revenge and other negative impact on our younger generation
Third session on 8th June – Relationship in family / personnel relationship by Melvin
Relationship is one main key that contributes to harmonious living within the family, the one small unit of the community. Parents are models to their children in their life journey from childhood to adulthood. A good relationship between parent and children is the key to build a harmony and joyful family. It creates a safe and peaceful environment for them to grow stronger spiritually.
The 90-minute sessions were held from 12.30pm – 2.00pm after the Bahasa Malaysia mass. Some 15  to 20 parishioners, parents and youth attended the sessions. It is a good start and the activity will be continued and shall become an on-going activity of the Family Life Ministry.

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