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Thursday, June 26, 2014


By Julita Kantod, SOCCOM Tawau
Tawau : A faith-grounded family is one that sustains all its members, embracing everyone in their sight. They support and nourish each other to build a stable and united family, always pleasing to God.

Towards this concept of developing interaction and relationship, the Holy Trinity Family Life Ministry organized another activity to promote the importance and wonders of having time together with other families. In conjunction with the celebration of the Most Holy Trinity Feast Day, a series of talks on family were conducted in May and early June to raise awareness on the values of family life.
The half-day Parish Family Day activity was held Sunday, 22 June 2014 at the Holy Trinity Parish Basement.  Approximately 400 parishioners of various age groups participated in the event.
The occasion began with food sales as early as 7.30 am to cater to the Chinese parishioners, attending the Chinese mass. It continued till late afternoon for the convenience of parishioners attending the Bahasa Malaysia Mass. Food stalls were operated by the Catholic Women's Apostolate, Parish Youth Apostolate, the KadazanDusun, Chinese, Filipino and Indonesian Pastoral Communities.
The fun-filled telematch, brought out the joy in each participant and spectator alike. It was a wonderful scene to witness as there was no barrier at all that divides. All were in one spirit without counting age, group, color or race. The understanding and respect built from this activity carry with it a clear message that it is the whole community that makes up the church.
This annual event has helped families to understand the importance of getting involved in church activities. The getting together of families built up the the Body of Christ. It makes us aware that there is no place for individualism in the church. It is the communion of communities that will move the church forth. Each year we see new faces taking part in the event. We believe that through the grace of God, the spirit of tolerance, understanding and acceptance will prevail, strengthening the relationship bond.

Children enjoyed most when it comes to games. They grinned with laughter. They got to know new friends from other communities. They mingled well and blended warmly into the company of one another. The activity came to a close at 3.30 pm with a Closing Prayer led by Sr. Liza fsic.

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