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Monday, May 20, 2013


Julita and SOCCOM team, HTC Tawau

Tawau : The KadazanDusun and Murut community celebrated their Parish Level Harvest Festival at Holy Trinity on 12th May 2013 during Sunday Morning Mass. TUKAD (Tinimungan Kadazan Dusun) Community with grateful and sincere hearts organized the Thanksgiving Mass in conjunction with the Parish level Harvest Festival celebration. It was also the day to commemorate the Ascension of our Lord to Heaven.

The  Mass was presided over by Fr. David A. Garaman and con celebrated by Msgr. Nicholas Ong. More than 1000 parishioners attended the celebration. This Sunday also marks the 47th World Day of Communications.

In His homily, Fr David invited parishioners to reflect on the wonders of our faith which is based on the teaching of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 'Today is the day for us to commemorate the Ascension of the Lord to heaven. What we learn here is the faithful promise, the Lord gave us, which proves that He is the Messiah. Through His Blood we have been redeemed from the power of death' he said. 

Ascending into heaven, He has promised to sent to us a helper which is the Holy Spirit and indeed His faithful promise is fulfilled during Pentecost. We have been instructed to go and proclaim the good news to non-believers so that they might be baptized and share the eternal live with Him. With the power of the Holy Spirit you will be strengthened to bring the living words to others, individually, in the family or among the community, through prayer or sharing.

Let us all be true witnesses of Christ, leading others to know Him, to build a relationship with Him and to imitate Him so that we will experience His great blessings and mercy. He concluded his homily by addressing the TUKAD community as well as to all the congregation 'Let us once again give thanks to the Lord for the gift of harmony, wealth, health and prosperity we received through His grace and let us always remember that, He the Lord is the source of all our needs and joy.'

In addition, on the 47th World Communication Sunday, he said, 'let us all be wise in using the modern Social Network facilities especially in our effort to spread the Gospel to the whole world. We hope through these modern techniques we can reach out to all, experiencing Christ through the internet.' 

He then explained the theme given by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI "Social Networks theme : Portals of Truth and faith : new spaces for evangelization". 'If the social networks is used with a a positive approach and a in a balanced way, then it can help build spiritual harmony, strengthen the bonds of friendship and solidarity, and can create harmony in the human family. This is an invitation to all to commit, especially the youth to make use of this Social Network positively and constructively.

As it was also Mothers' Day, Fr David  invited all mothers to step forward in front of the altar for blessing.


After Mass, parishioners adjourned to the Parish Hall for a luncheon fellowship and some entertainment. Msgr. Ong, in his opening speech touched on the precious gift that God had poured unto each individual, family and community  the gift of harmony and peace. God knows the needs of each individual, granted through His charity and Love. Let us not forget to be grateful to the possessions, the comfortable life, happiness and all the blessings that we received from Him by thanking God every moment of our life.

Celebrations give rise to all people of God to gather, attaining fuller unity in Christ. Whenever and wherever we gather, the community assemble to praise and thank God for His grace and generosity. There will be good communication among the people, knowing each other better to develop the sense of community bonding and in return we glorify the Lord for His wonderful gift of unity, the essence of our Church. Charity binds everything together in perfect harmony through the multiplicity of peoples and cultures.

The program ended at 2.30 pm with a closing prayer by Fr. David Garaman.

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