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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Julita, SOCCOM Tawau. 

Tawau : In response to the Year of Faith, the SOCCOM Committee of Holy Trinity Parish Tawau initiated an exhibition featuring the Catholic Faith. The exhibition was held on 19th May on Pentecost Sunday from 8.00 am till 12.30 pm, a  week after World Communication Sunday. It was scheduled on 12th May, the exact date of WCD, giving way to the TUKAD Community for the Harvest Festival Parish Level Thanksgiving Mass and celebration.

The exhibition, first of its kind to be held in the Parish, was aimed at triggering the "sleeping knowledge" of most parishioners regarding the origins, history, beliefs, worship and the community of the Catholic Church. It was also aimed to create awareness among parishioners regarding their depth of understanding of the faith. 

For  the SOCCOM members, it was a privilege to chip in to share about the Catholic faith. In the process of getting things in place for the exhibition, it had also enhanced their own understanding and knowledge of the faith. To those who had visited the booth; the adults, youths and children showed their keenness in the faith for wanting to know more. Indeed it had enriched everyone who stopped by the exhibition booths.. 

Among the comments received from visitors; they shared that such activity is significant as an approach to share and spread the beauty of the Catholic faith. It was an eye opener for many to better appreciate and value their faith. It was a good initiative to offer parishioners the knowledge who would otherwise, normally take the faith for granted.

The displays provided valuable information and insights to the faith. The youths who had spent time visiting the exhibition were better informed about the faith. There were others who were drawn to the beautiful and meaningful biblical quotes. 


Beside the display,  a running slide show  about the history of Holy Trinity Parish and its activities throughout the past year.was shown.

Recommendations from visitors:
1. Should be held more often
2. The exhibition should be held for a longer period 
3. More display materials to better inform the laity
4. The exhibition should also be extended to outstations
One of the challenges is to prepare similar exhibition in tri-lingual, to include English, Bahasa Malaysia and the Chinese language. Tawau  SOCCOM resolved to hold such exhibition outside the Church, in public places to spread the Good News.

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