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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Victoria Yam

LAHAD DATUThe Parish Youth Apostolate (PYA) of Lahad Datu held a Youth Gathering last Sunday, 14th October 2012. “Mary is Our Mother” was the theme of the gathering in conjunction with the month of Rosary.  Approximately 50 youths from the various BECs participated in this event. 

The gathering started at 2.00 pm with a praise and worship session conducted by Elton Susanto followed by an Opening Prayer led by Jenalyn Arellano. Sr Marysia FSIC, the spiritual advisor of PYA facilitated the 1st session entitled 'Who is Mary', and 'the Origin of the Rosary'. Mary is the Mother of God; she is a creature like us. She is merciful that by praying the rosary often with devotion, she will not leave our needs unattended simply because; in faith she is our Mother. The name rosary originated from the word “Rosarium” (a rose garden). The rosary then had 150 beads the same number of psalms in the bible. Later on, the rosary was divided into 15 mysteries and these mysteries were events of Jesus life as written in the gospels. On 16th October 2002, the late Pope John Paul II had added a new mystery which is called the “Luminous Mysteries or the Mysteries of Light” 
“WHO IS MOTHER MARY” ~ facilitated by Sr. Marysia fsic 
The gathering continued with bible sharing conducted by Victoria Yam and Dominggus. After that a game organized by Angelika Luna, where all the youths were required to fill in the mysteries of the Rosary on the soft board. These games tested the youths’ knowledge on how well they know the mysteries in each decade. 
Bible sharing 
Fill in the mysteries – testing the youths’ knowledge 

The youth gathering ended with a para-liturgy coordinated by Farnandes Sipiranus and a group photo session. 

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