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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Reflection Day ~ Sabah Heilbronn Ecumenical Partnership

Raymond Wong

Heilbronn, Germany : On the 11th day, Tuesday 2nd October, all members of the delegation together with  their host families gathered for prayer and reflection. It was held on a small hilltop just outside Heilbronn where a Catholic Church, dedicated to St. Michael is sited. This place is known as Michaelsberg over looking a theme park, commanding a clear view of the city of Heilbronn on the north and Stuttgart on the south. 
Rev. Jorg leading the morning prayer
The group sharing with a meaningful setting
The reflection day, themed 'Guardian Angels' began with the morning prayer led by the Rev. Jorg Kohler-Schunk. About 50 faithful were present and an open sharing was then held. Three from the hosts and two from Sabah shared on their experiences with God. Then in groups of 10 we shared on living the life as Christians in the various parishes. It was an enriching experience making us realized the importance of moving forward to continue making His name known.
Explaining on the growing of grapes
A Crucifix on top of a hill within the vineyard
A Protestant Cross 
Fr. Jasery testing on the sweetness of a grape with a sugar testing instrument
During lunch break, we had a guided tour to the surrounding vineyard. We were briefed on how grapes are grown and the processes of wine making. Heilbronn is a major wine producer in Germany.
Fr. Anthony (left) and Mathias a Deacon of the Protestant church on his left
Introducing the speakers
After the tour it was back to listening to two invited speakers. First to speak was a protestant deacon,  Mathias Hiller followed by Fr. Anthony Savarimuthu, a parish priest with a local community. He is from India and could speak German as well. 
The Chapel
The ceiling of the Chapel above the Sanctuary
Then it was back to the chapel for the thanksgiving and closing prayer and it ended with a dinner where red wine was also served to all.

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