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Friday, October 5, 2012

Sabah Heilbronn Ecumenical Partnership ~ the 6th Day

By Raymond Wong

Heilbronn, Germany : On the 6th day, Thursday, 27th September 2012, we made a visit to the City of Worms, situated about 1 1/2 hour                   drive northwest of Heilbronn. This is the city of  'Reformation' where Martin Luther led the reformation of the Church. It is here that he stood firm in his reformation. A big brass monument of the reformation stood in the city.
The monument
The carving dipicting the story of the reformation
The statue of Martin Luther
The statue from another angle
The monument of Martin Luter in the city of Worms
This is where Martin Luther stood in 1521
He was a priest, a professor and a man of music. It is an interesting time to listen to the reformation of the Church as briefed by a guide from the city. From Worms we continued on to the city of Speyer.
The front of a Church
The glazed windows telling the story of the Bible
A prayer carved on the wall between the glazed window
Another church in Speyer
The inside of  a church
More glazed windows
The towers beside a church
The entrance of a church

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