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Monday, October 8, 2012


Julita, SOCCOM Tawau

Tawau : Holy Trinity Parish Tawau celebrated the 34th Priestly Ordination of Msgr. Nicholas Ong on Wednesday, 3rd October 2012 with a thanksgiving dinner held at the Parish Canteen. More than 100 members ~ Church leaders, parish staff and representatives of the various communities came together for the occasion.
Msgr. Nicholas Ong, ordained priest at 28, has been serving in the priesthood for 34 years. He expressed his gratitude and thanks to Almighty for the gift of priesthood.
He continued to say, 'I always believe that God has a plan for each and all. I am happy to be a priest that I may serve Him and continue to lead others to know, love and serve Him. With His strength, courage and wisdom granted unto me, I hope to continue doing His will for the years ahead',  he said.
He called on the people to pray for him that he may remain strong, healthy and faithful in his vocation. He added, 'I am just human. I have my weaknesses. Pray for me, my peace of mind and also wisdom that I may continue to lead you to the light of Christ.'
Msgr. Nicholas thanked the parishioners of Holy Trinity Parish for their continuous support and patient. He ended by saying, 'Let us continue to work together as a team, remaining faithful children of God in advancing the Kingdom of God.'
On this occasion, his 34th ordination anniversary, we would like to express our gratitude and love to him for his commitment in the priesthood which he is a model, exemplifying Christ. He is very instrumental about BECs. Through his direct involvement, there are some 30 BECs established in Tawau.
May God grant dear Msgr. Nicholas Ong, our rector, more wonderful and fulfilling years of dedicated service to Jesus and His Church.

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