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Thursday, April 20, 2017

SCHOOL BOARD COMBINED MEETING: HOLY TRINITY CHURCH TAWAU “the initial purpose of the Mission school should be sustained”

By : Julita Kantod

The 4 Mission Schools under the Church of the Holy Trinity, Tawau namely Holy Trinity Kindergarten, SK. Holy Trinity, SM. Holy Trinity and SM Convent St. Ursula held their first combined School Board of Governors meeting on the 5th April 2017 at SM St. Ursula Convent School Conference Room from 7.30pm to 11 pm.

A total of 20 school board members, including school principals attended this meeting. The Holy Trinity Kindergarten School Principal, Sr. Julita Joseph and Francis Anthony, a volunteer who looks after the School Board financial account for the 3 Mission Schools attended as well.

The purpose of this meeting is:
  • To integrate the common good in managing the needs and welfare of the student and of the schools in general.
  • To preserve and sustain the Ethos, Character and Tradition of the school
  • To get to know each other as members of the various school boards
  • To serve in the schools together as a team
  • To share experiences, problems faced and find ways to overcome issues.

Meeting started by sharing the Word of God proclaimed by Mary Bernitez followed by opening prayer led by Mario Domingo, SBOG Chairman of SM. St. Ursula cum Vice Chairman of the Diocesan Education Commission of Sandakan.
Following the opening Prayer, each school board Chairperson introduced their own members and their respective School Principal.

Mario, as chairman of the meeting welcomed and thanked all School board members and school principals for their dedication and enthusiasm to work together as a team in dealing with common issues in the Mission School.
Some of the issues raised during the meeting were:
  • The lack of interest among Catholic teachers to serve in the Catholic Mission School.
  • Hawkers selling outside the schools which raised the issues of cleanliness, hygiene and traffic congestion.
  • The low percentage of Christian students placed in the Mission Schools
  • The decreasing number of Christian/ Catholic students in the school due to parents not interested or the lack of knowledge about the Mission Schools. 
  • Teachers proposed by the School Board to be posted to Mission schools were not entertained.
  • The lack of spiritual welfare for Christian student.

Sharing and discussion on the situation of schools created awareness among members of the School Board on their role and function as well as on their strong will and commitment to sustain the original meaning and purpose of the Mission Schools.

Also shared are the reports on academic achievements and programs run for Christian students in each school.

The School Board’s function, other than to monitor and ensure the welfare of the Christian Schools and Students, will continue to work along with the school administration and will also give due attention to any implementation or regulations issued by the authority so that it does not affect the Ethos, Character and Tradition of the Mission School to diminish.

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