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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Julita, SOCCOM Tawau
Tawau : 20 members of the Holy Trinity Parish Family Life Ministry attended a 3-hour Lenten recollection on 15th March 2014 from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm at the conference room. The session was facilitated by Fr Dr Charles Chiew from the Diocese of Keningau. 

The objectives of the recollection were ;
  • Provision of space for members to reflect on their journey in the ministry
  • A time of spiritual renewal and refreshment in commitment
  • Rediscover the inspiration and purpose for their ministry as God's servants
A slide show on 'My journey in the ministry' was presented. Members recalled their involvement, past commitment, experiences and the call and will to serve.
Participants were invited to share on their experiences. Three couples who had been faithfully serving the ministry stepped forth to share on their inspirational experiences.
Melvin and Linda - Our involvement in this ministry has helped us grow as matured life long partners. We understand each other more and we value our faithful partnership. Our contribution in the ministry, while enriching others has also enriched us greatly in our journey in life.
John and Jocelyn : Though we are not perfect but this ministry has a lot to offer. It has helped us realize our obligation towards each other and to other couples who are in need of assistance and guidance. It is a previlege to be in this ministry. We will continue to serve to further His Kingdom.
Mario and Julita - Our commitment in this ministry has opened the door for us to learn and gain. We not only contribute for the well being of others but it has made us understand the beautiful gift that God had given us, not to be kept but to share.
The input session delivered by Fr. Charles refreshed us and gave us a clearer understanding regarding the original plan of God in the creation story. He also touched briefly on the 'Theology of the Body'.
Before the end of the session, participants prayerfully entered into a moment of silence for personal reflection, offering their commitment to serve the Lord in the ministry.

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