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Thursday, March 13, 2014

EMCs Attend Reflection Session

Julita, SOCCOM Tawau
Tawau : Holy Trinity Parish, Tawau has planned a series of recollections for the various parish ministries for the entire season of Lent. The first to be implemented was the half day recollection for the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion ( EMCs ) facilitated by both priests,  Rev. Fr. David A. Garaman and  Rev. Fr. Johnny Raju at the Church Basement Room on Saturday, 8th March 2014.
Some 50 EMCs from the main Parish and outstations attended the recollection to refresh and to gain deeper understanding of the ministry. It is also an occasion to uplift their commitment and an opportunity to enhance themselves in Eucharistic devotion and spirituality. A few new faces, worthy for this sacred service will soon be enlisted.
The event began with the Eucharistic celebration presided by  Rev. Fr. Johnny Raju in the Chapel at 9.00 am. 
The first part, facilitated by Fr. David A. Garaman was on a brief explanation on the glossary of terms often used in our Catholic church, such as apostles, catechism, eucharist, vatican and etc. As a refresher, Fr David, touched on the understanding of the sacred meaning of each sacrament. 
All EMCs were also reminded that their lives are to be in conformity with the teachings of the Church. They should be excellent examples in attitude and behaviour, distinguished in their Christian life, faith and morals. They are the models for other parishioners. 'Be wise in your words and actions that others may be aware of your righteousness. The way you portray yourselves has an impact on others. Be presentable. Put on your proper EMC attire whether you are serving in the outstations, sub-parishes or in the main church. Dress in a manner consistent with the dignity of your role.,' he said
The second input session was on the order of celebrating the Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion right from the entrance procession to the recessional. He stressed on the handling and respect of the sacred Body and Blood of Christ. 'You are to handle it with clean hearts and clean hands. Carry it with a pure heart. If you are bringing back the extra Sacred Hosts, it is your responsibility to sent it to the tabernacle and never to bring it home,' he said.
The following session, facilitated by Fr Johnny touched on the handling of the Sacred Hosts. All EMCs serving in the outstations should plan their time well ahead so that there will be no rush in handling the Sacred Hosts.  Having the EMC's sachs on, upon your arrival in any chapel will make parishioners aware that you are carrying the 'Eternal Food' which call for respect from all. 
In conclusion, Fr Johnny said, 'As people entrusted with this sacred responsibility, you are to execute your duty in a prayerful manner, with utmost dignity and reverence. You are performing a great service to the Church.'  The session ended at 12.00 noon with a Closing Prayer led by Fr Johnny.

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