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Monday, October 28, 2013

3rd Pastoral Meeting in Larantuka ~ reaching out to migrants and itinerants


Rumah Bina Saron - Larantuka
Larantuka : Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom led a delegation of nine members from Sabah, three each from the Diocese of Sandakan, Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu and the Good Shepherd Welfare Centre to the 3rd Pastoral Meeting regarding migrants and itinerants between the sending dioceses (Flores), transit diocese of Tanjung Selur and the receiving diocese (Sabah).
Delegates from Sandakan, KK and RGS, L-R : Fr Ambrose Atang, Dominic Lim,
Sr Lidwina rgs, Theresa Symons, Sr Maria rgs, Sr Barbara rgs, Msgr Yustinus,
Msgr Fransiskus Kupong, Rt Rev Julius, Msgr Sensi, Francis Tan and Yohanes Solo
Delegates from Diocese of Tanjung Selur
Organizing Committee of the 3rd Pastoral Meeting
Delegates from Ruteng / Maumere
Delegates from other dioceses in Flores
The 3-day meeting, themed ‘Be a Church to sojourners ; migrants and itinerants’ 22nd – 24th October was held at ‘Rumah Bina Saron’ in Larantuka.  55 delegates; Bishops, clergy, religious and laity from all the dioceses across Flores, the diocese of Tanjung Selur in Kalimantan, the diocese of Sandakan, the archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah attended the event. Present in the meeting were Msgr Yustinus H, MSF Bishop of Tg Selur, Msgr Vinsensius Sensi Pr the Archbishop of Ende, Rt Rev Julius Dusin Gitom, Bishop of the Diocese of Sandakan and Msgr Fransiskus Kopong Kung Pr, Bishop of the diocese of Larantuka.
The aim of the meeting;
  • To map out a common direction in pastoral care of migrants and itinerants among the sending, transit and receiving dioceses
  • To look into the reality of migrant workers in foreign land
  • To synergize effort among the sending, transit and receiving dioceses in pastoral approach of migrants and itinerants
  • To raise awareness among faithful the need to respond to matters related to migration
  • To establish a strong network among the sending, transit and receiving dioceses
1st Pastoral Meeting in Sta Maria Imakulata, Tarakan, Diocese of Tanjung Selur
2nd Pastoral Meeting in Holy Trinity Church, Tawau, Diocese of Sandakan
The first pastoral meeting was held on 16th and 17th October 2011 at Sta Maria Imakulata Church in Tarakan, Diocese of Tanjung Selur. 11 delegates attended the meeting, five from Tanjung Selur, the transit Diocese and six from Sandakan, the receiving diocese. The second such meeting was held on 22nd and 23rd May 2012 in Holy Trinity Church, Tawau with 22 delegates, 9 from Tanjung Selur, 1 from Larantuka, the sending diocese and 12 from the Diocese of Sandakan.
The event consisted of sharings from all participating dioceses and religious orders, in-put on migration related topics, group discussions on the reality of migration and proposed action plan, plenary session to adopt the action plan and signing of the final draft of the action plan.
The first day,22nd October began with a sharing by Romo Siswankoko, the Executive Secretary of the Indonesian Bishops’ Conference for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) and Pastoral Care of Migrant Workers. The many cases of Indonesian foreign workers awaiting death sentences in foreign land, imprisoned, stuck in detention camps awaiting deportation, living in fear and on the run without proper documents and being trafficked, call for serious thoughts and actions from various sectors to combat the ever increasing number of illegal Indonesian foreign workers. The meeting among the sending, transit and receiving dioceses and its outcome is most appropriate and timely.
Msgr Fransiskus Kopong Kung of Larantuka in his opening speech extended his appreciation to the Bishops of Tanjung Selur and Sandakan for their initial effort in organising the 1st and 2nd pastoral meeting ~ an example of shepherding in God’s love. The prelate said that the Diocese of Larantuka is most honoured to host the 3rd meeting. Such meetings would be a platform for all dioceses concerned to share their experiences in reaching out to the migrants. The exchange of ideas would enhance the cooperation among the sending, transit and receiving dioceses in their effort to alleviate the plights of migrants. He warmly welcomed Msgr Sensi Pr of Ande, all Bishops and everyone present.
The 2nd day, 23rd October began with an Opening Mass in San Dominggo chapel, presided over by Msgr Fransiskus Pr, concelebrated by Msgr Sensi Pr, Msgr Yustinus and Rt Rev Julius. 
The first session that took up the whole day was on sharings from all dioceses and religious congregations in their effort in strategizing and extending pastoral care to the migrants and itinerants. Each has its ways and means in responding to the migrants according to the local settings.

The night session was on ‘Church documents related to migration, pastoral care for people on the move and spirituality of foreign workers.’

The 3rd day, 24th October was on in-put sessions;
  • Institution of marriage and family life of Catholic migrant workers ~ a path to New Evangelization by Romo Ancis Kabelen Pr
  • Mapping out migrant issues and defining pastoral action plan for migrants and itinerants by Romo Rosarius Yansen Raring Pr
  • ‘Let us move forward together in providing effective pastoral care to migrant workers’ by Romo Siswankoko
The noon session was group discussions on action plans by the sending, transit and receiving dioceses followed by a plenary session to fine tune the proposals. 
Among some of the recommendations proposed by the receiving dioceses;

  • Ensure that migrant workers come legally with proper document (passport and church document)
  • Accompany migrant workers in their journey of faith
  • Proper preparation of potential migrant workers that they may migrate in peace, faith and productivity
  • Information regarding all aspects of migration in the different dioceses should be jointly prepared by the sending, transit and receiving dioceses
  • Draw up a common guideline on the administration of the sacrament of marriage for the sending, transit and receiving dioceses
  • Pastoral visits to migrant community should be regular and consistent
  • Encourage migrant workers to be involved in community living and church life
The night session was the presentation of the final draft of the partnership statement which was later sealed by the Bishops of Larantuka, Tanjung Selur and Sandakan.
The event came to a close with presentations of souvenirs to delegates from the transit and receiving dioceses and certificates to all delegates. The students of the Catholic High School presented a few presentations held at the open area of Rumah Bina Saron.
It was indeed a fruitful meeting with the full participation of all dioceses involved, drawing all quarters engaged in migration work. May this meeting arouse in us the courage to be part of the problem and courage to be part of the solution (Adam Smith), moving towards ‘migration in peace, faith and productivity.’
We are to respond to the plight of the migrants as Pope Francis said, 'A Church that does not come out of itself,' he writes, 'sooner or later, becomes sick from the stale air of closed rooms.' Although it is true, that, like anyone else, in coming out, the Church might get into accidents, 'it is a thousand times better to have an injured Church than a sick one.'


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