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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My journey in the RCIA process

Josephine Rosnah Anni
Holy Trinity Church

Josephine Rosnah Anni

Firstly, I thank God for all that He had given me, the blessings and guidance during my journey in becoming a Christian.
I started my journey by approaching a facilitator in the RCIA, and from that moment onward I never missed my Sunday RCIA classes. My enthusiasm to become a true Christian was encouraged and motivated by my children who had received their initiation a few years back. After a year in the RCIA process, I’ve learned much about Jesus, his Disciples and their works. I was also taught how to pray the rosary and the Divine Mercy.
Regular reading of the Holy Bible widened my understanding of Christ and strengthened my faith in Him. The committed facilitators  journeyed faithfully with me, sharing their experiences in life being a Christian.
During the Easter Vigil, I was a bit nervous as we went through the rite of Baptism, I prayed that the Holy Spirit would bless, guide and protect me during the whole ceremony.
When the mass ended, the atmosphere was really awesome as everybody was in a joyful mood, the picture taking with the priest and godparents, the hugging and sharing.
Now I know how to live the life that God wants me as He is always with me and my family.
Again, I want to praise and thank God for the many wonderful blessings and many thanks to the facilitators. Amen.

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