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Thursday, December 17, 2009


The third week of advent or the "joyful sunday" was celebrated on the St, Mary's Cathedral with the Priest vestment in the color of pink. It is also during this Mass that the carolers were "commissioned" to go out visiting the parishioners.
There were ten caroler's groups in the parish of the various languages and all attended the Eucharistic Celebration that evening. During the Mass, Fr. Thomas Makajil reminisce how Christmas always felt special as a young child. He also said the atmosphere of Christmas is just as uplifting and special and it is now. He advised that carolers to be messenger of goodwill as they visits the houses in the parish bringing with them this special "feeling" of Christmas.

Right after the Eucharistic celebration, a carolers fellowship was held with the many groups giving their presentation. The parish's 100 strong choir, who was prepared for the inter church carols, was also asked to present a few songs. It was a night filled with excitement, good food and entertainment as there were also group games held.

Article: Soccom.sdk1. Photos: Bell, Sandra, Peter Chung

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