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Monday, December 14, 2009

Carol by Candlelight HTC Tawau

Commissioning of Carolers

Holy Trinity Church started celebrating the 3rd Sunday of Advent--joyful Sunday, with the Sunset mass on 12th December 2009.

In his homily, Msgr. Nicholas Ong the rector told the congregation that after 2 weeks of preparation, we should start to anticipate the joyful 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus.

That is why the carolers will be commissioned during the mass to begin a week long activity of house to house caroling. They will be going to all the Catholic houses of the parish to help them prepare for Christmas.

Joyful singing of carols

After the mass, the parishioners gathered at the parish hall basement for a night of caroling by candlelight.

Carol by candlelight

In his speech, Msgr. Ong said that before we were to begin bringing joy to others in our home caroling, it was right that we first carol to ourselves. In that way we support one another, strengthen our faith and really feel the joy of Christ’s 2nd coming unto us.

Msgr delivering his speech

The night’s program included readings from passages of Isaiah and proclamation of the Gospel, presentation from the children apart from the singing of the Christmas hymns led by the music ministry.

Attendance was good with around 300 parishioners, all enthusiastically joining in the singing with their lit candles.

Marcus Chin

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