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Monday, December 28, 2009


Sandakan :Fr. Peter SM Kim SJ attached to the Catholic Major Seminary, Yangon, Myanmar who was back in Sandakan visiting, held a two night sessions on the 10th & 11th December 2009 with leaders of the St Mary's Cathedral Parish titled Renewing the Parish.

The organizer of the session, the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), was quick to capitalize on Fr. Kim's availability.

During the two night sessions, participants saw the Parish as a "living organism" going through it's "life cycle" in it's existence. Fr. Kim also shared on the pattern of building up the Parish more specifically in the development of a Pastoral Plan.

The implementation of a Pastoral Plan was also discussed. The various "holders" of the many stages of the development of the Pastoral Plan was also mentioned.

The session also discussed on the " Reimaging" of the parishioners with the practice of having a "Power Cycle" to improve on the Parish Life through it's activities. This "Power Cycle" involves the four stages of decision, action, evaluation and recommendation.

by TNgui

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