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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Once again, the Christmas Carols at the Dataran MPS was held from the 16-12-2009 to the 18-12-2009. This first one was held last year and once again the organizers were from the Office of the Member of Parliament P186, The Majlis Perbandaran Sandakan (MPS) and the Council of Churches Sandakan. The Secretary of the MPS Tuan Hj. Hamzan Hj. Supain was also in attendance besides the MPS President Ir. James Wong, Pastor James Kwan of the Calvary Charismatic Church, other Church leaders of the Churches in Sandakan and various community leaders.
The decorated stage for the event.

Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom represented The Roman Catholic Church . The theme for this years' carols was Peace, Love, Goodwill, Towards All People. The Catholic Church was designated host of the 16-12-2009 and together with the Calvary Church forms the presentations for the night. In his opening address, Bishop Julius said that the event was a meaningful and important occasion as it demonstrate the unique culture of the country of diverse religion and race. It is an opportunity for all to understand and experience this uniqueness. He further reiterated the importance of the message of Jesus Christ of peace to all when he was born more than 2000 years ago.
Bishop Julius in his opening address.

In his address, Ir. James expressed his happiness to be able to hold the event for the citizen of Sandakan. This is as a result of the co operation and hard work especially of the MP office of Sandakan and the various parties involved including the staffs from his office. Echoing Bishop Julius opening remarks, he said this is a great opportunity to experience and understand the culture of the diverse communities of the citizen of Sandakan.
Assembling before the presentations.

Fr. Paul Lo was a member of the Mandarin Choir presentation.

Presentations from the Catholic Church comprises of the 100 members Parish Choir, The Children from the Children Christmas Party, a singing group representing the Youth, Mandarin Speaking Choir representing the Mandarin speaking community of the Parish and and individual instrumental presentation from Christopher Aban. Christopher Aban's daughter though also had a small "solo" performance herself during Youth singing group's performance grabbing the "limelight" to the delight of all and the photographers. Besides that the Calvary Church also presented worship songs and drama bringing the night to an enjoyable and friendly event.

Article: Soccom.sdk1, Photos: Alex Tai

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