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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Children's Christmas Party

The happy children of the Cathedral

Sandakan : The Catholic Women's Apostolate of St Mary's Cathedral successfully organized the annual 'Children's Christmas Party' for more than 300 children accompanied by their parent yesterday, 12th December 2009 at the Parish Hall.

Our Promising MC

The hall was well decorated, with boxes of brightly wrapped presents placed under the Christmas tree. Presents are an indispensable part of any Christmas party. The scenario in the hall set the right mood for the party.

Ferdee Mariano, the organizing Chairperson of the party shared that the Children Christmas Party is an occasion for the kids to celebrate togetherness and meet up with friends and greet them.

Let's do the limbo rock, now!

Lunch time

Children, absolutely adore to make merry with their own peers. They love to receive presents and to many of them this might most probably be the only occasion of the year that they have the opportunity to be given gifts.

With Santa Claus and Santarina

The function started with the grand entrance of the kids dressed in their best to the accompaniment of a jolly Christmas song. The other items include;
  • The Nativity Sketch
  • Dance performance
  • Games
  • Lucky Draw
  • Christmas carol presentations
  • Songs
  • Giving away of presents by Santa Claus
The participants of the Nativity Sketch

The occasion provided opportunities for the kids to discover the joy of celebrating the birth of Jesus and through the Nativity sketch , the richness of the Christian faith came alive in the Bethlehem event.

John Baptis and Jacob Chin, Chairman and deputy Chairman of the PPC respectively were present at the function.

'Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas and Great New Year to all.'
from members of the Cathedral CWA

article by DS and photos by Sandra C

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