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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Holy Trinity Church Celebrates Family Day

Article by Julita Kantod and photos
by Jerome Lim, John Wong and Carlos

Tawau : More than 300 parishioners gathered to participate in the Holy Trinity Family Day 2015 held on July, 19 at the Parish Basement Hall. The activity was jointly organized by the Parish Pastoral Council, BECs, the Parish Youth Apostolate and other ministries.
The on-going yearly event held more than ten years ago is to promote the 'One Big Family' concept of Holy Trinity Church. Apart from that it also provides a conducive platform for parishioners to interact, to spend quality time together and to get to know each other more in the parish.
The activity began at 7:30 am with food sales by assigned communities and groups and a warm-up session in the form of a dance led by the youth. The program continued after the Eucharistic celebration. 
Rev. Fr. David A. Garaman graced and blessed the occasion.
This year around, the event was organized at a moderate level. Happening at the same time was another event for children. The church was a buzzed with activities, filled with laughter and joy. The get-together has indeed cemented a strong relationship bond among the people present.
Interactive games such as tug-of-war, coconut bowling and other entertaining tally matches were well participated by members of the various communities. 
The Joyful Sunday Class, also held their Children Day where about 100 children participated in games and outdoor activities. The event was facilitated by facilitators of the Joyful Sunday Class. The event was aimed at instilling a sense of belonging, making friends among the young in an informal atmosphere. It was a pleasing sight to see the seniors and juniors in action.
Hopefully with this program, the parishioners of Holy Trinity Parish will continue to lend support to each other, serving one another and journeying together as a loving community of God.

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