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Thursday, July 30, 2015


Article by Julita K, photos
by Carlos SOCCOM Tawau
Tawau : Due to some inevitable circumstances, the Parish Day of Holy Trinity Church was celebrated on 26th July 2015. The Eucharistic celebration of the 17th Sunday in Ordinary time, themed 'the multiplication of 5 loaves and two fish' was presided over by Fr. Johnny Raju, the assistant parish priest, con celebrated by Fr David Garaman and assisted by Deacon Stanley Matakim.
In conjunction with the Parish Day celebration, the parishioners also celebrated the 13th Sacerdotal Ordination Anniversary of Fr. Johnny Raju and thanksgiving fellowship on the birthday of both Fr. David A. Garaman and Fr. Sunny Chung at the Parish Hall. The event began at 10.30 am right after the Sunday Bahasa Malaysia Eucharistic celebration. More than 800 parishioners attended the function.
Gilbert Jack the Chairman of the Parish BEC Core Group was given the honour to address the attendees. He expressed his sincere thanks and gratitude to all who had contributed to the success of the event. He appreciated the effort of the BEC members, the Youth Apostolate, PPC members  and all lay leaders who have put their hands together to ensure that all parish events are well prepared. The recent completed Family Day held a week before is a good example of close collaboration among the various church groups.
A priest is a gift from God, to guide and to lead, journey together towards eternal salvation. Without priest there will be no church. As people of God, obedient to the priest shows our obedient to God . Every priest has different administrative style and approach yet they are the chosen and the anointed and we as parishioners are obliged to respect and obey.
Philip Lee, the vice chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council  in his address, said 'As parishioners, we must always give our support and work closely with our priest. They are chosen by God to lead us to the right path.' 
Fr. Johnny Raju in his address to the crowd humbly shared that a priest is for everybody. 'We do not have any favourite individual, community or group, we see that all of you are equal in the eyes of God . Wherever we serve we see you as precious children that need to be guided and be led to the right way of life. As a big community of God we need to belong to a good team, working spiritually and physically to build the wonders of God’s kingdom on earth. Through this we will develop as matured parishioners, willing to serve God and each other to become truly as one church.' he said.
After the anniversary and birthday cake cutting ceremony, Fr Sunny Chung led the grace before meal. The fellowship has indeed gathered everyone present for one purpose and that is to serve and team up to journey together proclaiming Christ to others.
Also in attendance were the members of the Main Organizing Team of the Sabah Youth Day-4 who were in Tawau to prepare for the upcoming event schedule next year as well as Deacon Stanley William.
The event was filled with captivating presentations by the various communities of the church. 
Prizes were presented to winners of the Family Day event held the week before. The event ended at 1.00 pm with a closing prayer by Fr. David Garaman.

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