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Saturday, December 1, 2012


Julita, SOCCOM, Tawau

Msgr Ong handing over the V & M document to Bishop Julius witnessed by Fr David
Tawau :  Msgr Nicholas Ong, the rector of Holy Trinity Parish Tawau, officially handed over the proposed Vision and Mission document to His Lordship Rt. Rev. Datuk Julius D. Gitom last Sunday, 25th November 2012  witnessed by some 1200 or more parishioners during the Bahasa Malaysia Mass of the Solemnity of Christ The King. The momentous handing-over was held just before the concluding prayer. In his word of thanks, Msgr. Nicholas extended his gratitude to all groups, communities and all other parishioners who had participated and contributed to the success of the eventual compilation of the said document. 
The Parish Assembly Task Force (PATF) headed by Mario Domingo, the PPC Chairman assisted by John Duasing, Thadeus Sibir, Petrus Bernadus, Jocelyn Angar,Sr. Liza Agustine FSIC, Mary Lee Esporton, Peter Wong, Francis Kamuntah, Felsa May, Danny Carreon and Julita Kantod as committee members took some six months to complete the process of formulating the Vision and Mission statement. Msgr. Nicholas Ong and Fr. David A. Garaman were very supportive and they had journeyed all along with the team throughout the process.
A training session for all facilitators ; members of the PATF ( Parish Assembly Task Force ) and all leaders of the various communities, BECs and Church groups was held in May,  facilitated by Fr. Dr Charles Chiew of the Keningau Diocese. Subsequently, 18 mini assemblies were conducted by the trained facilitators covering the following groupings.
  1. Kadazandusun, Indonesian, Filipino and the Chinese communities.
  2. Parish Youth Apostolate
  3. Catechetical Ministry
  4. Catholic Women's Apostolate
  5. The community of St Jude, Semporna
  6. The community of St Stephen, Tass
  7. The community of St Thomas, Bombalai (Bombalai Zone)
  8. The community of St Paul, Balung (Balung Zone)
  9. Neo-Catechemenal Community
  10. 7 BECs  - Amber Park and Muhibah, Victoria, Uni Vila,  Hill Top Sentosa, Jln. Melati, Tg. Batu, Bt. Tujuh Tinagat and Sri Menanti )
A total of some 620 parishioners, about 4.7% of the total Catholic population or about 20.6% of the regular Church goers, participated in the assemblies.  In the process of formulating the Vision and Mission statement, we believe that the Holy Spirit is in the midst of all, for without unity and understanding , it is not an easy task to implement. The cooperation, tolerance, humility and teamwork made all things wonderfully and joyfully accomplished.
We look forward to the upcoming Diocesan Delegate Assembly scheduled next year and pray that each will contribute fruitfully to the success of the formulation of the final Diocesan Vision and Mission Statement, a statement to be owned by all faithful of the diocese.

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