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Saturday, December 1, 2012


Julita, SOCCOM, Tawau
Tawau : The celebration of the Solemnity of  Christ The King witnessed some 136 candidates receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation solemnized by His Lordship Bishop Datuk Julius D. Gitom of the Sandakan Diocese. Of those confirmed, 58 were from the main parish and 78 from outstations. 

The Eucharistic celebration presided over by Bishop Julius, con celebrated by Msgr. Nicholas Ong the rector of Holy Trinity Parish and Fr. David A. Garaman, assistant rector was held on Sunday, 25th November 2012, the last Sunday in ordinary time at 9.00am.
In his homily the prelate firmly said that Christ is the King of truth that leads us to His Kingdom. Touching on the Year Of Faith he continued to say, "It is important to put Christ in our life as the centre of truth, as our light, and to sustain the truth. Without God we will  have no respect for one another, to other creations, to the environment and even to our very own self. The consequence of which will be disrespect for life, the free gift from the Father; there will be only injustice and war, hatred and unforgiveness. We must be aware of the attractions of the world that draws us away from God, edging God out in our life. By doing so we are in fact trying to be God ourselves. " 
The prelate urged the congregation to strengthen and stand firm in their faith. We should overcome all evil with truth so that we become people of faith not by mere words but actions.  In his Apostolic letter, 'Porta Fidei' the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI expressed his desire that, the Year Of Faith will also be a good opportunity to intensify the celebration of the faith in the liturgy, especially in the Eucharist. Parishioners should take all opportunity available to deepen their faith through the sharing of the Word of God, studying the history of our faith and spending time to read the Catechism Of the Catholic Church and other documents of the 2nd Vatican Council.
Addressing specially to all the confirmands, “You must thank God for this gift, continue to grow and be matured in your faith. Accept challenges as followers of Christ and be good witnesses of Christ, our God. Pray that His Holy Spirit will always give us strength, guide us and unite us; be in communion with God and one another. Let us all be united to build our church as one big family." 
A fellowship was held at the Parish Hall together with Bishop Julius, Msgr Nicholas, Fr David,  all religious, all animators and all confirmands right after the Eucharistic celebration.

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