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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Courtesy Call On Bishop Julius

L-R : Friar Aiden Peter Jr OFM, Friar David Au OFM, Bishop Julius and Friar Cruzender Alex OFM
Sandakan : Three Franciscan Friars in Formation from Greccio Friary (Post-Novitiate Formation House) in Singapore paid a courtesy call on Bishop Julius, this morning, Tuesday 17th July 2012. All the three Friars are from East Malaysia; Bro David Au from Kuching, Sarawak Bro Aiden Peter Jr from Tawau, Sabah and Bro Cruzender Alex from Kiulu, Sabah. They are in their third year of formation and had taken their first profession early January this year.

They are in Sabah for a one-month mission outreach beginning 15th June till 12th July ~ stationed in St Theresa's Hostel and Sonsogon, Kota Murudu,  Sook, Keningau and the Paitan Missionary Area, Sandakan. The exposure had given them the opportunity to deepen their experience, immersing them in the life of evangelization of the Gospel by being with the people and living out a spirituality of mission and communion.



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  2. ohhh....saya ingat tu brother Cruzander...masa saya di matrikulasi labuan dlu, prnah jumpa dia...tidak sangka dia jd Franciscan friar udah....puji Tuhan~



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