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Monday, August 19, 2013


Julita, SOCCOM Tawau
Tawau : Living within and among the various groups and communities in a Parish need a contrite heart that leads us to togetherness, understanding and acceptance. In respond to the need of this particular environment and in order to spread the Good News for the salvation of all, a memorable fellowship dinner for all the BECs' coordinators and the Home Caroling Cluster Coordinators ( which will soon assume duty as BEC Coordinators ) was organized by the BEC Core Group of Holy Trinity Parish Tawau on the 14th August 2013 at the Parish Canteen. Some 80 parishioners inclusive of Lay Leaders, EMC, PPC members were also present for the joyful event which began at 7.30 pm.
The event meant for all  BEC coordinators and the Home Carolling Cluster Coordinators provided an opportune occasion for members to know each other better and to strengthen the relationship among leaders.  It is hoped that such activity will lead to better teamwork in preparation and implementation of the recent announced 'Diocesan BEC Day.' 
The 'Diocesan BEC Day' is in respond to the Sandakan Diocesan Motto, "Serve One Another  With God’s Love." This special day, the second Wednesday of the month is set aside for BEC activity only. There will be no other church activity on the said day. This will enable the clergy, religious and lay leaders to visit the BECs. Their visits would certainly lend support to members at the grassroot and allow the priests to play their roles as shepherds according to the heart of God.
In his speech Msgr Nicholas Ong shared on the beauty of doing BEC activity since 2008. He said, 'When we come as one group or community, sharing the word of God is very meaningful. I encourage all of us to treasure this activity. ~ the  Diocesan BEC Day. This is one way to deepen our understanding of the living word of God which will eventually deepen and affirm our faith leading us to Salvation that Christ had promised to all of us.'  He called on the faithful that during this Year of Faith to take the opportunity to dig deeper the content of the Catechism Of the Catholic Church or the YouCat. Both are indeed very rich in spiritual nourishment and will make us more aware of the reality in life. The contents are beneficial to all segments for spiritual growth.
In conclusion he said, 'Let us make it simple, easy and joyful. We spend an hour with the people, sharing companionship, sharing the Word and have fellowship. They will appreciate our vist. Hopefully this spiritual approach will help us to know each other better and most of all be Christ's witness in spreading His wonderful and saving news. This plan is expected to start in September or earlier.'

The get-together ended with a dinner fellowship. 

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