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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Catechetical Seminar

Momento for the speaker Ms. Christine Wan

Sr. Imelda getting her momento

Participants during the Q & A session

The last day of the Seminar and it was a bit of a "rush" as the organiser seek to complete the day's program. Today started with a Rosary recitation in front of the St. Mary's Cathedral grotto at 6.30am.

Very quickly after breakfast, the sessions got underway with the English speaking catechists joining the Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin speaking groups for their sessions. This is due to unavailability of English speaking facilitators. There were three sessions to be completed before lunch followed by another session by Sr. Imelda for the English speaking group. Right after her session, there was the closing and question and answer session whereby the Mandarin speaking catechists were grouped together with the English group.

In her closing remark, Sr. Veronica FSIC the Diocesan Catechetical Commission Chairperson expressed the hope that the seminar has been helpful to the Catechists. She further offered her apologies for the any short coming encountered throughout the course of the Seminar. 

The participants' feedback were also collated for reference and improvement. Some of the participants' experience or feed back on the seminar, the followings comments were recorded:-

"Most of the sessions has been impactful on me personally and created an awareness. I'll definitely share it to people around me." Translated from Bahasa Malaysia

"Among all the topics, I find the homily of Bishop Julius and Archbishop John that "awakens" my faith in these times living in a pluralistic society." Translated from Bahasa Malaysia

"Overall the Seminar have been informative and motivating. Most speakers have been able to present their topics though some improvements are needed." Translated from Bahasa Malaysia

"More of these type of Seminars should be held yearly."

"Each topics should include workshops also."

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