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Thursday, April 26, 2012


L-R : Fr David and Msgr Nicholas Ong
Tawau : The Indonesian Pastoral Community ( IPC ) of Holy Trinity Parish celebrated its  20th anniversary on Sunday, 22nd April 2012 . The Eucharistic celebration, attended by some 800 parishioners, mainly from the Indonesian community, was presided over by Msgr. Nicholas Ong and con-celebrated by Fr. David A. Garaman.
In his homily, Msgr Ong said, 'God’s grace is eternal and it will be more meaningful with our participation in the Eucharistic celebration in order to get the fullness of His abundance and eternal blessing'.  He continued saying that the Gospel asks us to deny ourselves from earthly things and turn ourselves to Him , to trust and to hold Him in our life that we may receive God’s forgiveness and salvation.
The wardens 
Salvation is a free gift from God, that through His glorious resurrection we may experience the real presence of God during Eucharistic celebration which gives us the strength to be the witness of His love, passion and mercy.
Msgr Ong hoped that the  IPC Family Day will instill and enhance the sense of belonging within the community in line with the theme, 'Communion of the faithful, rooted in God’s Love' ( Penyatuan Umat berteraskan pelayanan dan cintakasih Allah ).
EMC from the Timorese community
He then specifically addressed the Indonesian community by saying that  'Children are gifts from God, that you may appreciate them, accept them and to lead them to life according to God’s will, for as parents you have to do your best for the rest God knows what's the best for each family'. He then encouraged the community to continue to live in communion with other communities in the Parish.
A traditional dance to welcome the guests of honor
Msgr Ong taking a sip of the Timorese wine
Msgr Ong wishing the community 'Happy 20th Anniversary'
A presentation from children of the 'Learning Centre' 
A traditional dance by members of a 'Basis'
A gift to the lucky couple, Felix and wife
Cutting the anniversary cake, Msgr Ong 4th from left and Bapa Mohd Solleh 5th from left
After Mass, parishioners adjourned to the Parish Hall for lunch and were entertained with some performances. The Indonesian  Consulate General of Tawau, Bapa Mohd Solleh was also present at the function.
Gabriel Nunang, the chairman of IPC thanked members of the community for their attendance, united to promote solidarity. He called on members to gather for spiritual formation and to live a life in communion with one another.
He requested the Consulate General to consider providing further education for the children currently studying in the elementary level at the Migrants' Children Learning Centre at Holy Trinity Church. 
 5th from left, Fr David,   6th from left, Msgr Ong  and 7th from left, Bapa Mohd Solleh, 

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