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Thursday, April 26, 2012

He makes all things beautiful In His time

Shalom and peace be with you all!  My name is Freda Lim, a newly baptized Catholic. The experience of baptism during Easter Vigil in St Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan still linger on. My heart is filled with much joy and happiness.
First of all, I would like to thank all the animators for continuously teaching, pouring and feeding my soul with the “Good News of God”.  All of your support and tireless efforts are treasured deep inside my grateful heart.
When I was married 15 years ago to a loving husband and now blessed as a mother of three children, the thought of becoming a Catholic had always been my husband's and my desire.  The only question is “WHEN”?  I delayed and always brushed it aside with lots of excuses.
After some 15 years of marriage and with all the persuasion given by my family members and friends, I decided it is high time I  join the RCIA process in St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sandakan.  During this period, I found the Word of God very much alive and I learnt that the Grace of the Holy Spirit is also assisting me all through life’s journey.  Weeks after weeks and lessons after lessons, I began to open up my heart to know how Jesus, the son of God is so loving, ready to forgive and inviting us to follow His path, the true way as in John 14:6  'Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.' With this new found faith, I freely let Jesus lead me in my life.
Once again, I thank all the brothers and sisters in Christ, especially Bishop Julius, Fr Thomas and Fr Anthony for their support.
Praise the Lord and may HIS blessings be upon us.

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