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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pastoral Evaluation Session ~ Diocese of Sandakan

Sandakan :  The two-year tenure for all PPCs in the diocese will soon come to end in May 2011 and as such a diocesan pastoral evaluation session was held at the Diocesan Retreat Centre, Ulu Dusun on Saturday 5th March 2011 to share and review the pastoral process in the respective parishes over the last two years.
The event commenced with a Eucharistic celebration, presided by Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom con celebrated by Fr Thomas Makajil, rector of St Mary's Cathedral Sandakan and Fr Simon Kontou, rector of St Dominic's Church Lahad Datu. 16 people - members of the Diocesan Pastoral Council, PPC Chairmen, Vice Chairmen and Secretaries form across the four parishes attended the event.

In his homily the prelate called on the people to use  knowledge in the light of wisdom and to discern on what the Lord wants us to do. He asked the members to seek His authority and not ours in decision making. We will be able to secure joy in our hearts when we direct our souls to wisdom in God's prompting in whatever we do.

Bishop Julius welcoming the attendees
Francis briefing the attendees
The session began with a briefing on 'Looking back ~ a review of pastoral matters in the Diocese' by Francis Tan from the Bishop's Office. He briefed the attendees regarding the pastoral development in the diocese which includes all formation seminars and training over the past three years since its inception. He also touched on the demographic survey implemented in August 2008, BEC as the diocesan pastoral thrust and the progress on the formulation of the Diocesan Vision and Mission statement.
Albert Matussin from Telupid
Teodulfo from Lahad Datu
John Baptis from Sandakan
The respective PPC Chairmen, John Baptis of St Mary's Cathedral Sandakan, Mario Domingo of Holy Trinity Church Tawau, Teodulfo of St Dominic's Church Lahad Datu and Albert Matussin of St Martin's Church Telupid presented their report focusing on demographic survey, the development of community building through the set-up of BECs and the progress of the formulation of the diocesan vision and mission statement.

In winding up, Bishop Julius congratulated all PPCs for their strong commitment towards building their parishes over the two-year tenure. He hoped that the three core matters on the demographic survey, BECs and the formulation of the Diocesan Vision and Mission statement be given priority by the incoming new PPCs so that the momentum set could be maintained and enhanced.


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