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Monday, March 28, 2011

More Photos (2nd Day) and Testimonies on Youth Alpha Leaders' Training

Having so much fun

My purpose of attending the Alpha Course is because I want to know more about God,  and to be a leader for group study about Him. I regretted that I missed some of the topics because on the last day I was sick but managed to attend a few sessions ...but it was really fun..the talk was informative and useful. I hope there will be another Alpha Course for youth so that I can invite my friends who are not regular church-goers to participate. The Alpha Youth can help because it is excellent for youth as the sessions are interesting, full of fun-filled activities and above all very lively. Peace be with you all.
Patrick Miles (Pat)

Opening song and Proclamation of the Word of God

This is my first time joining any spiritual talk in the Church. Each time there's any activity in the Church, I would never want to take part and this time around it was  the same. My best friend invited and pestered me to come and I just couldn't refuse.  It turned out to be the Youth Alpha Course - it was GREAT!. Before this, I thought my faith was strong enough but little did I know that I often doubted God. During the ministry session, I found out that I recently neglected God, doubted His existence, I always asked myself whether God does exist or not.  Is God by my side through thick and thin? After Alpha I know more about Jesus, I know that He's there with us 24/7, never forget us. And of course I had fun in Alpha and as a matter of fact I’m not a very friendly person and shy but I felt accepted in Alpha. So let's continue loving God, especially young people. This Alpha course has worked wonders in me.
Ovinia Tabak (Ovi)
The input sessions

After the Youth Alpha Leaders' Training recently, my confidence and courage level to share the Good News is starting to grow. The Youth Alpha program provided me the opportunity to interact with the youth from the other groups such as the Chinese and English speaking communities. I believe that this program can bring great changes to the youth ministry  and enhance the relationships between the parish youth. I would recommend parents in the St. Mary’s Cathedral Parish to encourage their children to participate in this program.

Thank you Alpha Malaysia for bringing this program here.

Shirley Joseph (Sally)


Joyce Tan

Six years ago , my cousin residing in Australia showed me a picture of her attending some kind of small gathering through Facebook ( or was it Friendster? ) . There were people sitting around the table with some finger food in the picture. She described how fun and cool it was to meet new friends, enjoying good food, learn about a great man named Jesus through short clips and had some open discussion on any issues we can think of, including the taboo one. At that time, I thought it was a great program and wish to have it here.
On the first day of the Youth Alpha Course during the introduction, it was like “Oh, is this what Shasha had told me about six years ago?" Suddenly the memory of her sharing me about her experience was so vivid and clear. FINALLY! It has arrived here in Sandakan! 

I was attracted on the simple concept : Eat+watch+converse! The topics for the 10 -week programme are very relevant to youths nowadays too. One of the questions from the short clips was “Is there more to life than this? “ These 7 words really strike me hard. It really made me think and reflect on my life. It makes me realise that life must be more than the normal and usual routine everyday. 

I thank God that I was given the privilege to participate in this Youth Alpha course. It’s by the grace of God that He has worked through Caroline Tai to bring Youth Alpha into our Diocese. Not forgetting the two amazing and beautiful facilitators, Chrisanne and Elaine, who have committed themselves into bringing Jesus to other people. I think it will be going to be an awesome programme for all the youths and I am looking forward to attend it! To sum up everything, Youth Alpha is a powerful evangelising tool in this era!
Crispus Mosinoh

Small group discussion/sharing

大家好。我是华文组青年团的 Yvonne Chin. 我是青年团的新成员,可能真的是上帝的安排,参加 Youth Alpha Course是我们第一个任务。当我一听到Alpha Course, 第一个感觉就是:哇!超闷的!
我一直以来的想法都是认为这种讲座一定闷到爆!我一直找人来陪我去因为我怕闷, 我就告诉我妈妈我不是很有兴趣很懒惰去。 可是我妈妈一直推我去听她说会学到很多东西,到最后还是得去。
Yvonne Chin

Group presentation - problems and solutions

Hello there! Thanks to sister Carol and my mum. I had participated in the Youth Alpha. Actually, when my mum told me to join the Alpha Course, I was not really interested in it, but after joining, I realized that it was really fun!

Before joining, I was really scared about language problem and I was scared to meet people I don't know. I've so much to worry. But now, we're all  friends already! And I really love this family! They accepted me. We communicated much during free time. We had meals together. Every moment in Alpha Course was simply happy!

At first, I didn't know about Alpha at all. Aunty Chrisanne told us many things about Alpha. She also gave us tips on how to become a successful leader and presenting live-talks. Aunty Chrisanne was like our mum and we all love her very much.

The last day was the most meaningful day! I'll never forget this day in my whole life. We had a session called " How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? ". Aunty Elaine let us all stand up and imagine that Jesus was standing in front of us. We all closed our eyes and prayed, to tell God what we want to ask. I prayed. I told God my problems. Then, Aunty Elaine came by my side and held my hand. She prayed for me. She kept praying and praying. Suddenly I cried! I didn't know why I cried, but I knew God was answering my prayer. I was happy I cried. It’s a sign that Jesus accepts me again to be His child, I have new life again!

Lastly, I would like to thank all my "new family members". Thanks for helping me all along the course. And.. I LOVE ALPHA VERY MUCH!
Vicki Lai

shirley joseph dipal
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