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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sandakan : About 75 members from seven BECs of St. Mary’s Cathedral Parish participated in the half day mini BEC assembly as a preliminary process towards the Parish Delegate Assembly on Saturday 26th February 2011 at the Parish Centre. The session began with the enthronement of the Bible followed by the proclamation and sharing of the Word following the seven steps of Bible sharing as practiced by BECs led by the BMPC and Indah Jaya BEC Chairman, Leonie Degullacion.
Rev. Fr. Phillip A. Muji the Assistant Rector, who earlier said the opening prayer presented the welcoming address on behalf of our Rector, Rev. Fr. Thomas Makajil, where he thanked the participants for their response and willingness to be involved in pastoral activities and especially in the process towards the formulation of the Vision and Mission statement for the Diocese. He highlighted on some current issues especially the shortage of teachers in Bible Knowledge in schools which he hoped would be given priority.

The PPC Chairman, John Baptis in presenting the overview of the program explained the objective as a means of consultation with parishioners to gather their views and concerns regarding pastoral needs and issues to be brought up during the upcoming Parish Delegates Assembly.

He pointed out that the BECs is the first group of communities in the parish involved in the process and hoped that more sessions would be held in the near future for the other communities as well in order to reach out to the grass root. He highlighted on the applications of some basic life skills as a tool for the participants to be engaged in the workshops that would follow.
Loosen and warm up session
Knowing you, knowing me
Getting to know you
The first session started with a warm-up sharing in groups to introduce themselves among each other and to share on their life experiences ‘before and after BEC’ as an ice-breaker to prepare them for the more serious workshop sessions ahead. 

The first two workshops focused on: (i) The reality and challenges of our local church, and (ii) What I see as the pastoral needs and my role in them. After each workshop the groups were given opportunities to share to the floor. 

The final session was a group workshop where the groups draw their own vision and mission statement following the input or information gathered from the two earlier workshops.

The entire sessions were conducted successfully through close cooperation and teamwork of a group of facilitators comprising those who participated in the Facilitators Training Program conducted by Brother John D’ Cruz last November 2010. The proposals gathered throughout the workshop were documented by the BEC Core Team which shall be presented during the Parish Delegate Assembly later.

The PPC Chairman in his closing address thanked and congratulated the participants for their participation and encouraged them to continue to pray for the pastoral planning process and to get involved personally.

Sr. Appolonia fsic concluded the session with a closing prayer.

John Baptis

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