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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prayer Banner for the 3rd Diocesan Anniversary Celebration

Patrick Seah,  the PPC representative briefing the participants
Sandakan - Representatives from the various parish  groups and communities of St Mary's Cathedral Parish  gathered at the Parish Canteen on Saturday, September 25th to write the intercessory prayers on the  Prayer Banner. 

The Prayer Banner will be presented during the Eucharistic celebration for the 3rd Sandakan Diocesan Anniversary on October 16th at 9.00 am  in St. Dominic's Catholic Church, Lahad Datu.

The event  started at 9.00 am with an  Opening Prayer led by the PPC Chairman, John Baptis Joannes followed by the proclamation of the word  taken from 1 Peter 2:1-10 

Opening Prayer : Prayer in Time of Change

"My beloved Jesus, anoint us with your will. May the joy of your dwelling in us draw others to you. Expand our vision to recognize your plan; warm our hearts by the flame of your love; open our lips so that we can speak your Word; extend our arms that we embrace your people; speak to us so we can discern the role you have for us, filled with your Holy Spirit, empower us to become vital expressions of growth in your changing Church. Your Kingdom is now! help us discover your will. In Jesus name we pray. Amen."

Filipino Community
Catholic Women's Apostolate
Chinese Community

KadazanDusun Community
BEC of Taman Indah Jaya 

The session ended with the following prayer:

"God our Father, you ask us to be a holy priesthood, a task that is daunting and challenging. send your Holy Spirit to be our guide as we become the living stones of the Church linked together by love. help us to be worthy ministers in the mission of Jesus Christ. We ask this in His name. Amen"

Such event, according to the organizer is to bring the faithful closer to one another for the greater glory of God through their strong commitment to the well being of the Diocese.

St. Mary's Parish Soccom

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