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Sunday, September 5, 2010

4th Day - Congress of Asian Catholic Laity.

 Myeongdong Cathedral Office
 Bishop Julius and the Malaysian delegates (L-R: Charles, Francis, Waky, Magdalene, Bishop Julius, Roy, Stephanie and Fr Dr Clarence)
 Seoul : Yesterday, 3rd September 2010, in the words of Rev Bernado Cervellera , P.I.M.E. in his paper ‘Courageous witnesses of the faith’, called upon Catholics in Asia to come out of the comfortable shade of the bell tower, to search beyond its walls so as to reach out to the multitude who hungers for His word. The art of  reaching out should be done in genuine Christian love.
 Statue of Mother Mary behind the Cathedral
 Cardinal Telesphore in his homily

Participants in the Eucharistic celebration 
Today, 4th September 2010, the last day of the conference proper, began with the Eucharistic celebration for the Virgin Mary, help of Christians, presided by Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo at the Myeondong Cathedral.
 Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko
The last paper for the intense four day conference was presented by Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko entitled ‘Catholic laity : witnesses of hope for the good of Asia.’

‘It is not inappropriate to say that there is no evangelization without proclaiming Jesus Christ to others’, he said.

What evolved through this Congress is the great hope that permeates into the profound lost of direction of mankind. This hope that comes from Christ is not for individuals but for the entire community.

He asked Catholics to grow in holiness and in this way, each can respond to his/her vocation and become indispensable coworkers in the life of the Church and in making ‘new pathways for the gospel in society;’ (ibid)
 Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jinsuk

Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jinsuk of Korea, in his address urged the participants to be fully committed to deliver the ‘living water’ to the vast population of the four billion people in Asia. The problems in Asia are  numerous and it is certainly not easy to resolve. However, in all circumstances, God is leading the way. Trust  and place your hope in Him.

 The participants
Having reached the conclusion of the Congress, the participants will now have the responsibility to nurture the seeds and go forth with greater zeal in mission. May they be stronger in hope in sharing the 'treasure' with others.

Bishop Julius and the Malaysian delegates at the Presidential Palace 
Through the hospitality of the Korean Church, participants were taken to a traditional tour of Seoul in the afternoon and in the evening, were entertained to a Korean festive celebration.
 Malaysian delegates presenting a song
Taking part in the Korean folk dance

The Korean folk dance
We would like to say “Gam-sa-ham-ni-da’ (thank you in Korean) to the local organizing committee of the Korean Church.


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