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Sunday, September 5, 2010

5th Day - The Concluding Eucharistic Celebration of the Congress

The Catholic Centre, Seoul

The Cathedral overlooking the City
Seoul : The Congress, commenced on 1st September 2010 started with, enlightening the participants to the historical background of Christianity in Asia, its development and the many  challenges hindering its progress. It opened the doors for the exchange of views on evengelization through the many lay movements and new ecclesial communities.
The Malaysian display booth
Understanding the vocation and mission of the lay faithful led to the very much related issue on Christian formation and lay missionary efforts.Participants were challenged to be courageous witnesses of the faith and were exposed to some areas of priorities regarding evengelization in Asia.

 Bishop Julius with Fr Yohanes from Indonesia (left) and Bro Rolando from Sri Lanka

 Bishop Julius meeting up with Fr Mekiel SVD from Flores, now serving in Korea

 Together with Bishop Justinus, of Tanjung Selur Diocese sitting 3rd left, with Nunukan as its parish
 Togethet with Bishop Martinus (left) of the Padang Diocese, Sumatera
The conference paper on 'The new season for associations of lay faithful' provided a platform for the laity to share their experiences through their movements, particularly in Asia. One aspect of evangelization is the call to love, respect and concern. Personal contact, relationship cannot be bypassed. We need to acquire the art of simply being present, art of understanding of people's culture, art of response, art of keeping close and the art of persuasion. If you have win them over, then whisper to them the news of Jesus Christ.
 Cardinal Nicholas Cheong entering the Cathedral
Today, Sunday 5th September 2010, the concluding Eucharistic celebration for the prayer for missionaries from Asian Catholic Church was presided by Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jinsuk, concelebrated by Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko and Cardinal Telesphore P Toppo. 

Cardinal Cheong in his homily said, 'I am happy that all the Church in Asia are gathered here today for one mission and that is 'Proclaiming Jesus Christ in Asia Today', the theme of the just concluded Congress.'
 Cardinal Nicholas Cheong
 To be an effective evangelizer one need to bear witness to Him and to carry one's cross in one's daily life. There will be no true proclamation unless Christians witness in life in harmony to what they preach.

The Church needs new apostles, well trained in the social doctrine of the Church, with commitment of hope and humanity. They need to be positive and remain active in Church's life.

He encouraged the participants to remain strong and dynamic, though small in numbers. Be not afraid and be like the martyrs,  with unshakable faith. It is not an impossible mission. The time for harvest will come. Have faith and hope.
Participants, received a wooden cross and the holy rosary at the missionary sending ceremony witnessesd by the local congregation of Seoul.

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