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Sunday, September 19, 2010

2nd Day of the Pilgrimage Tour with Bishop Julius as Spiritual Director

Rome : The second day of the pilgrimage tour started off with the tour to the Santa Maria Basilica.
The church is dedicated to the assumption of Mother Mary.
Immediately after that, the group proceeded to the Cathedral of Rome where members climbed the 28 steps of staircase with a prayer offered at every step of the staircase. The centre staircase is for those who are able to climb up on their knees and the staircase on the left is for those who are to climb with the usual way. The climb is for penance of each individual.
In the afternoon the group visited the Catacomb of San Callisto. This is the place just outside the city where 46 known martyrs and many unknown martyrs were buried here during the period of persecutions.Some of the early Popes who passed away were also buried under ground. A priest was the guide for this tour and all have to follow walking though narrow underground passages.

In the evening, Bishop Julius presided the sunset mass at one of the chapel in the Basilica.

Raymond Wong

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