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Solemn Charge ~ Year of Faith - Read the Catechism Of the Catholic Church in a Year

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 6 and 7 - Rome, Lourdes and Fatima Pilgrimage

Candle light procession

Day 6 (September 21st)
After arriving in the evening at Lourdes from Marseilles, the group had dinner and went straight to join the candle light procession, reciting  the Holy Rosary in languages of the pilgrims.
Church at Bartres - John the Baptist and Bernadette

Day 7 (September 22nd)
The next morning the group joined the other faithful for the taking of "Bath" where each one of the faithful will immerse into the tub filled with water from the source. Many miracles had happened here where sick and invalid faithful, after taking the bath had been cured and left their crutches and wheelchairs behind for others who needed them.
Prayer at the Station of the Cross

Statue of Mother Mary
In the afternoon the group visited the small village where Bernadette lived there during part of her childhood. The group also visited the church where she prayed. The Church is known as :The Church of Barthes: John the Baptist and Bernadette. It is fascinating to discover the striking similarities that exist in the lives of John the Baptist and Bernadette in spite of the centuries between them.

Raymond Wong

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