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Monday, February 8, 2010

Fr Paul celebrates mass at St Mary's Hostel

Fr Paul Lo celebrating mass at St Mary's Hostel
Rev. Fr. Paul celebrated the first mass for the year 2010 on Friday, 29th January and also in welcoming 5 new boys who have just joined the St Mary’s Hostel. Some members of the Hostel Management Committee and the Chairman of the PPC were also present together with the hostel warden and the teacher who is assisting in the hostel.

Fr. Paul welcomed the new boys and also welcomed back the other boys who have returned from their long holidays. Holy mass is celebrated at the hostel once a month and during the weekend the hostel boys will join the mass at St Joseph Church which is within walking distance.

After the mass all those present adjourned to the dining hall for a fellowship in celebrating the birthday of two of the hostel boys which falls on the month of January.

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