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Monday, February 1, 2010



3.1 “Do this in memory of me” Both the Word and the Bread as sources of eternal life are integral parts of the memory of Jesus that SCCs celebrate in the Eucharist and keep alive in their communities. (cf. FABC 9, 2009, Message)

3.2 “Word Shared” SCCs gather for regular sharing of the Word of God, for “human beings do not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Mt.4:4). The faith of the community is born out of and strengthened by listening to and sharing the Word of God which nourishes their faith and deepens the bond of communion, building up community. (Eph 4:15-16)

3.3 “Bread broken” “The Eucharistic community is constitutive of the invisible communion with God in Jesus and the Spirit and visible communion of all people” (Ecclesia de Eucaristia. 35). The one bread and cup of wine made from many grains of wheat and grapes crushed, is symbolic of the many members of the body of Christ unified in the Eucharist and of the gathering of all people in the Kingdom. The breaking of the breads celebrates, deepens and fosters communion manifested in the spirit of unity, participation and sharing in the SCCs. The Eucharist makes present the total self-giving and sacrificial love of Jesus (Jn.10:17) so that we may have life in abundance (Jn.10:10).

3.4 “Mission At the recently concluded 9th plenary assembly of FABC, the Asian bishops stated “We are convinced that meaningful, contemplative, experiential and prayerful celebration of the Eucharist has the potential to render the Christian communities of Asia powerful witnesses of Jesus, witnesses who are bearers of his presence, his love, and his healing power”. (cf. Final Message) The breaking of the Word and Bread challenges the SCCs to share all the diverse charisms and gifts given by the Spirit and use them to build up the body of Christ (Eph.4:11-12) and carry out their mission to the world.

(to be continued...)

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