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Friday, February 12, 2010

2nd Anniversary of Fr Phillip Muji's priestly ordination

Tawau - Holy Trinity Parish celebrated the second anniversary of the priestly ordination  of Rev. Fr. Philip Muji. with a fellowship dinner at the parish hall on 7th February 2010, attended by some  200 parishioners.

In his sharing. Fr. Philip said that he had met a lot of challenges in the past 2 years as a priest.

Fr Phillip Muji in his sharing

“Life as a priest can be stressful and tiring, my faith is oftentimes put to the test but I know this is a long process of maturity a priest has to undergo”, he said.

Besides carrying out his pastoral duty, mostly at  outstation chapels, Fr. Philip is also involved in the BEC( visitation ) and sometime in the Neo-cathecumenate sessions.

He added, "A priest is a role model for everyone in the religious context. Yet not all priests are perfect. We need your continuous prayers”.
In his speech, the rector Msgr. Nicholas Ong expressed his gratitude for having Fr. Philip helping him in the parish. He added that when God calls us to serve, He already knows what He wants from us.

Sr Marysia fsic

Parishioners also welcomed Sr. Marysia fsic who has just joined us after taking her final religious vow.

Born in Kinarut, Papar, Holy Trinity Church will be her first station in what we pray and hope will be a long and rewarding ministry for her.

 Cake cutting by Fr Phillip Muji

The climax of the fellowship was cutting of the cake and the session ended at 8.45 pm with closing prayer led by Msgr. Nicholas ong.

Julita Domingo


  1. To Fr Phillip Muji of HTC Tawau,
    'Wishing you a belated happy and blessed 2nd anniversary of your priestly ordination.'

    Diocese of Sandakan

  2. Dear Sr Marysia fsic

    Selamat datang ke Keuskupan Sandakan

    Diocese of Sandakan


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