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Monday, April 30, 2018

Testimonial from St. Mary's Cathedral Neophytes

Emily Yong Wan Kiun
I am Emily Yong Wan Kiun, born in a Buddhist family and my mother is a Catholic.
I do have bad and scary experiences in my life since 8 years back. One day, eight years ago in February, I fell down from a mountain during my school camp in Kota Belud. I managed to grab hold of the trunk of a tree that prevented me from falling into the river. I was so scared and in pain, thinking I will die there. Luckily my friends and some good people pulled me up safely but I had some injuries and trauma at that moment.
As if not enough of pain, fear and sufferings, two months later, I was hit by a car in the evening after school. How I wish my life would end there due to all the pain and sufferings caused by the accident.
During that most painful and suffering time, my mother brought Jesus Christ into my life. My mom prayed for me days and night, especially when I felt so sick. She taught me how to pray and gave me a Cross. Not knowing anything, I felt protected and relieved with all those prayers and I managed to stay alive and positive. That incident had left a scar on my physical body as well as on my memory. 
Years later, both of my sisters have decided to follow the Catholic faith like mum but I am not ready yet. Somehow, I do not want to be the odd one out there, so I just followed them to attend the RCIA.
I asked myself, 'why and do I want to become a Christian?' No, I am not ready yet but never mind, I just want to follow my sisters.
Today, after going through the RCIA sessions, I totally changed my mind! I want to be a Christian not because I want to follow my sisters but I want to follow Jesus Christ because HE saved my life and HE love me first. I began to realize that HE was with me during all the happenings in my past incidents so that I stay safe and protected. Following my sisters were mere instrument used for me to get to know God. I'm indeed thankful for this. 
There are ups and downs during my journey in the RCIA. There are times when I would like to give up because of the hectic working commitment I’m facing as I’m working on Saturday which is the busiest day. My sisters and I used to yell at each other when we were late because of my work. I felt our Almighty God never give up on me instead HE gave me faith, patience, understanding and courage to be perseverance in this journey in the RCIA process. Time flies and I felt that RCIA is one of my weekly routine where I need to nourish myself in order to build up my faith toward God. 
All the animators are so great which I not able to describe in words but my sincere gratitude for their sacrifices and understanding all these while. They are the one that hold us tight and journeying with us through our baptism on Easter Virgil. That day on my baptism, I died and reborn into a new person after the immersion into the holy water. It was the most precious moment I experienced in my life. The baptism of my sisters and I had brought tears of joy to our mum and it really touched my heart.
I’m so thankful and feel blessed that I'm baptized into this big Catholic family. Today I pray to be a better person. This is just the beginning of my new life and I will keep building up my faith every day in my life and be thankful toward our God. 
I would like to thank all the animators, bishop, the priests and all the church members for helping us, guiding us in this journey. This is the most blessed journey in my life together with my two sisters and three of my new sisters in Christ in the RCIA. I love you all much! Peace be with all of you and God bless, Alleluia!!

Wendy Yong
Shalom, I am Wendy Yong. I was born in a Buddhist-Christian family where my mom is a Catholic and my dad is a Buddhist. My dad is still a Buddhist today in spite of our conversion to join mum in the Catholic faith.
I heard about Jesus Christ when I was 14 years old from my mum. She always talk about Jesus and taught me to pray and make Sign of The Cross. Every morning I will recite “The Lord’s Prayer”, “Hail Mary”, “Glory Be To The Father”, “Angel of God” and “Apostle’s Creed” before I go to school.
When I was 17 years old, my mom gave me a small booklet known as “Lord of Pardon”. I was told to bring it along with me wherever I go and if whenever I encountered any problems, I will need to pray for pardon. 
As the years passed by, I had a strong feeling and wanted to know more about God so I told my mom I wanted to be a Catholic, like her. She was so happy and quickly enquired from her friends how to be baptized in the catholic faith. A lady friend, who is now my God mother told my mom that I need to enroll and attend RCIA before I can be baptized. 
Together with my two sisters, we enrolled and started our Rcia in June 2017 at St Jerome room. Mum accompanied us on the first day. I was so nervous and excited at the same time and do not know what to expect. Thanks God, we fit in and adapted very well in the RCIA sessions as all the facilitators were very friendly, kind and helpful. They shared the experiences and God’s faith with us, guiding us all the way.
I was baptized on 31st March 2018 and officially become a new creation in Christ, joined in the big catholic family. I feel good, happy and great that I am the new light of Christ. I am looking forward to be a good Christian and be able to bring the Good News of God to share with others. I thank God for having chosen me. Alleluia alleluia..

Hi, my name is Sheila and I'm 20 this year. I was baptized on 31st of March 2018 and it was one of the most important and memorable days in my life. Being baptised on this great day really means a lot to me. I am now the new member in Christ Catholic family. This was the best decision I made throughout my life and I want to thank God, bishop, the priests, all the facilitators, my lovely family and all the church members for making my dream came true.
In June, I joined the Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults which is also known as RCIA, where a sharing session was held every Saturday between facilitators and those of us who are interested to becoming Christians together with my two sisters.
Before joining the RCIA, I was an impatience person and easily get annoyed or angry by very small issues. It was hard for me to forgive any one who hurts me and I hold grudges. I guessed that was normally what we human beings are.
In the RCIA, we were taught to be patience, to help, to love and forgive one another and that anger and pride are among the 7 biggest sins as a Christian. Gradually, I began to realize my own sins and mistakes committed all these years. I became conscious of my behavior and actions. My biggest transformation was during this later half year where I've learned to be allowed to be challenged in my faith and obedience through the temptations and trials that I have had no control over, knowing God is beside me, allowing the suffering & challenges to bring me closer to HIM, nurturing me to be a more mature Christian.
I hold close to John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son, so that all who believe in him may not perish, but may have eternal life. 
I reflected on; God gave his one and only son and it is through Jesus Christ and his death on the cross that my sins are forgiven. Indeed, this phase has given me much strength and courage in my spiritual life in following God's way . 
I will continue to be a good Christian. I will try my best to reach out to those in need. I will try to do God's will as it says; FOR HAPPY ARE THOSE WHO OBEY THE LORD, WHO LIVE BY HIS COMMANDS
God's blessing be upon all of us. Alleluia Alleluia!!!

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