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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

St. Mary's Cathedral Parish welcomed 85 new members

Article by Romeo Barintang
Photos by SOCCOM
Sandakan- Easter Vigil was celebrated by His Lordship Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom and concelebrated by Fr. David Garaman, on 24th March 2018, at St. Mary Cathedral’s compound, attended by some 1500 parishioners. The Mass began with the blessing of the fire and the lighting of the Easter candle, symbolizing that Christ came into our lives as the light of salvation, illumined our darkness and led us to the path of eternal life.
In his homily, the prelate called upon all brothers and sisters who are going to be baptized in the resurrection of Jesus to be filled with joy in their hearts, to step out from darkness into the light of Christ with bonds of love thru baptism. The prelate also addressed the faithful on the importance of renewing their Sacrament of Baptism. It is a reminder that Christ has risen and lived among us, to celebrate the resurrection of our Saviour, who saves mankind through his unconditional love and sacrifice.
This year around, St. Mary’s Cathedral welcomed 60 new members: 48 from the BM class, 8 from the English class and 4 from the Chinese class.

Easter Vigil at St. Mark Church
"In life, we have a big rock that weighs us down. What is that big rock? It's our sins. The resurrection of Jesus has removed the rocks that weighs us down. Believe that even now, He is still able to roll away the stone that weighs us down in our lives." -Fr. Christopher Ireneus-
St. Mark's Church welcomed 25 new members, where 24 are from BM speaking class and 1 from Chinese speaking class.

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