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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Talk on the role of the choir in liturgical celebrations

Sandakan : St Mary's Cathedral  Parish Choir Festival committee organised a talk  on “The role of the choir in Liturgy”, on Sunday 8th August 2010 at Fr. Mulders' Catechetical Centre. The talk was held in preparation of the Choir Festival which will be held in conjunction with the Parish Feast Day, this coming Sunday, 15th August. Around 80 participants, mostly members of the various choir groups and individual youth together with their parents, attended the talk.

The Choir Festival committee, headed by Michael Lai said that the program was mooted by  senior members in the St Mary’s Parish Choir. They felt that it  is  timely for the music ministry to be proactive in encouraging talented parishioners to join the choir. He stressed that the Cathedral need to prepare the youth to be involved in the choir. They need to pave the way  for them to come in.  With this in mind, the senior members took the opportunity to have the festival, hoping to scout for potential talents.

The talk started at 1.00pm and was given by none other than the rector himself, Fr Thomas Makajil, lovingly known as Fr. Tom by the youngsters. His lively talk drew much attention from the participants and the illustrations given were very interesting indeed, very informative and inspiring.

Fr. Tom explained that the choir is an integral part of the liturgy, leading the congregation in worship . In view of the importance of the choir in the liturgy,   it is necessary  that the choir practice days in advance the songs to be sung.  Similarly, a well rehearsed choir would be able to impart the message of the song and subsequently lead the parishioners in worship. Fr. Tom added “when the whole congregation joins in the singing to praise and worship God, we are joined together and that very act by itself, unites us with God in celebrating the Mass”.

The talk ended with a session on question and answer followed by a group photo taking. The participants then adjourned to the Parish Hall for refreshment, followed by a final rehearsal. 

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