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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting Ready for the Actual St Mary's Cathedral Bazaar Day

Sandakan : The 18 member Parish Fund Raising Committee met for the final round last night, 10th August 2010 to ensure that preparation for the actual bazaar day is in order.

The full attendance of the members, according to Fr Thomas Makajil, rector of the Cathedral, was a clear sign that the team is journeying together in total unity and solidarity. He commended the team for their commitment for having gone beyond that extra mile, as in Matthew 5 : 41 'If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.' 

In the process of working together for the good of the Church, it led us to discern on the importance of networking with one another. Ministry by itself is just like a dry bone, contributing no growth to the church. Bones need tendon, muscles and flesh to connect to one another. So, ministry in Church need that networking 
to ensure that we, as members could walk, run, jump and dance for the Lord.

Peter Thien, the Deputy Coordinator for Operation confirmed that 82 stalls had been taken up as of last night and he assured that there will be space for more.

Suzanna Hon, the Deputy Coordinator of Finance and Admin revealed that the committee had actually hit the target of RM200,000 and she is confident that it will be even more. She will officially announced the total collection the following day, in the diocesan blog as Wednesday is the cut-off day for updates.

John Baptis, the Deputy Coordinator (Liaison) briefed the members about the symbolic opening of the event which shall be jointly graced by Bishop Julius Dusin Gitom and Fr Thomas.

Francis Tan, the Coordinator, in winding up the meeting said that although we may encounter some hitches in the process, we need to remain joyful and energetic to finish the race, and for that, we need to persevere.

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