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Monday, August 16, 2010

Members of Taman Indah Jaya BEC all out for the Parish Bazaar

Sandakan : Members of the Taman Indah Jaya BEC came out in full force to lend support to the Parish Bazaar, held on Sunday, 15th August 2010 in conjunction with the Parish Feast Day.

 Early in the morning of 14th August 2010, the men and the youth were seen unloading 120 super grade papaya seedlings and more than 500 bags of five kilogram of compost. The members were in high spirit ensuring that the parish bazaar would be a great success.
Immediately after the evening Outdoor Mass of the Feast of Assumption, 14th August, members gathered at Andrew Onggip’s house to complete the final preparation for the big day.  The men were preparing the ‘sinalau bakas’, a delicious and much sought after grilled boar meat.  Parishioners will have an opportunity to taste either the original version or the spicy marinated ‘sinalau bakas’.

The ladies were seen weighing and packing the langsats, opening up durians and packing the pulps into well wrapped packets. Others were preparing ingredients for the ‘nasi bakas’ which is rarely available in town.
The youth were working round the clock to complete their assigned task of getting the promotional posters ready for the day. They were seen busily preparing posters about their BEC, gardening tips, technique in planting fruit trees and the directions on how to use the compost.

Members were so absorbed in their assigned duties that by the time they finished the final preparation  for the Parish Bazaar, it was past mid night. The men and the youth had to ferry their products down to the Bazaar ground at half past five the following morning. They were tired but it was really fulfilling – happy and grateful that they could contribute what they have for the Cathedral.

When we make sacrifices and serve the Lord with love and sincerity, we will surely experience fulfillment and great joy as in Psalm 100:2 a calling to serve the Lord with gladness.


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