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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Youth Alpha Training Program

Sandakan : Five representatives from the St Mary's Cathedral, Sandakan attended the Youth Alpha Training Program, held at St Michael's Anglican Church on 4th and 5th June 2010. The  main speaker, Jonathan Tse,  is currently working as the Youth Alpha Coordinator at the Alpha Malaysia National Office, Kuala Lumpur.
About 35 participants from the different Churches attended the training program. The participants, representing the Sandakan Catholic Church, were Terrence Ngui, John Baptis, Caroline Tai, Alexandra Chua and Shirley Joseph. 

The session, was an opportunity for the Catholic Youth to be trained as leader who in turn would be able to impart the course content to the other youth in the Cathedral Parish. 

The Catholic Alpha Team had thus far completed two rounds of alpha training to the parishioners as well as faith seekers in the three main languages, Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese in the St Mary's Cathedral Parish, Sandakan.

The Youth Alpha course is a 15 session practical introduction to the Christian Faith developed by Holy Trinity Brompton Church in London. The course has been extraordinarily successful at bringing people to share and live the faith. Today, there are over 32,000 courses running in 160 countries across the world with the Good News about Jesus through Youth Alpha.

The  objectives of the Alpha for Youth Course are as follows;
  • providing a tool for discipleship for new Christians,
  • for renewing and deepening faith commitments,
  • for more systematic teaching about Christianity for Christian youth,
  • as a means of team building for existing youth groups.
During the training, there were group dynamics and presentations, to strengthen  and  enhance leadership skills.  The participants were also taught on how to 'pray over'  by invoking the Holy Spirit, the correct way.
 Group work - 'The problems in the world and the solutions.'

Jonathan Tse: "This is how you do the pray over."
Below are the responses from the representatives  about the Youth Alpha Training Program/Course:
(L-R): Terrence Ngui, Alexandra Chua & Shirley Joseph

With Caroline Tai (Left)
Terrence Ngui: "Basically, the St Mary's Alpha Team is hoping to launch the Youth Alpha in the Parish. This will act as a basic Christian Course for our Youths and make the faith relevant to them. In the future, hopefully this will be  basic tool for evangelization for the Youth in the Parish."

Caroline Tai: "Youth is our future, they are young, active, creative, and smart. I wish to see the youth grow up with Christ in their live, live fullness with the Love of how Lord wants us to be. Alpha is the tool enable us to know christ in a very simple context. I personally experienced it, and i like to share and pass on my experience to everyone especially the youth. And God let me found my passion to conduct the course.  Anyone come to ask me how do i want to contribute for the parish, the answer will be the same that "I am more than willing to commit myself in bringing the good news to everyone for God's purpose in me." Amen. 

Alexandra Chua: "From this training, I got to know more what alpha means and it gives me some exposure on how to conduct a live talk."

Shirley Joseph: "It is so exciting to know that Alpha for Youth is a light and easy program suitable for all youth. Through this program, youth will feel free and happy to be able to gather with friends, whether new or old. And they can know Jesus in a fun way. I believe that the young people would be interested in this program. So, to the youth at St. Mary Parish, Sandakan, keep abreast with the program  info and do bring as many friends as possible" 

Apart from those two courses, Malaysia has other courses that are suitable for the youths. There are also National Service Youth Alpha, School Alpha, and Campus Alpha. Meanwhile, Alpha in the Workplace, Alpha for Prisons and Alpha for Seniors are for the elder one. Malaysia is also introducing 3 courses for family life and relationships; The Marriage Course, The Marriage Preparation Course and The Parenting Course. 

All courses are related to our lives and can change the way we live.


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  1. Semoga program Alpha bagi Belia akan berjalan lancar di Katedral St Mary dan usaha yang dicurahkan akan menghasilkan buah sepertimana yang diharap-harapkan. Tuhan memberkati kalian!


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